The Butterfly Story Part 2

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Smile The Butterfly Story Part 2

I love to experience what I call Godincidences (I no longer believe in coincidence) and the more I open my heart, the more I see.
Those of you who were on SR last year may remember my sharing “the butterfly story.” Each and every day in the week following the loss of my daughter, 2 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies (like my avatar) would come to my butterfly bush within moments of me stepping out onto my deck each morning. They would stay all day as friends and relatives visited with us. A hummingbird moth (rarely seen around here) would come each day as well. The same type butterflies appeared as we walked to the gravesite for services…they danced around the flowers there, went to the stone of Paul, my friend and mentor who died suddenly far too young as well, and came back and rested at Kristen’s grave. Mind you, there were no other butterflies to be seen and they went to no other stones.... After the service as I stood by myself saying good bye, a hummingbird moth came right to the flowers at my feet. It was so apparent that she was letting me know all was okay.

Throughout the year there have been certain amazing and unexpected times with similar messages…usually a single yellow swallowtail that dances around me for awhile…no other butterflies in sight…once even in November…then fly away. It always happened when I really needed it or when there was some very meaningful occurrence and I just knew Kristen was saying my spirit is here, know I am always with you.
Yesterday morning, on the first anniversary of her death, I stopped at a nursery to select a new plant for around her stone…the garden there brings me great comfort. My thoughts were very much centered on Kristen. Suddenly, here comes my butterfly…she circled around me and landed on my chest…right near my heart. She stayed there for a full five minutes…I’ve never had a butterfly just land on me that way. My heart felt so light…my wish to just have one more conversation with her seemed fulfilled.

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Greet, What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your love for Kristen and butterflies with us. Hugs, Marle
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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Your story brings tears to my eyes. Your sweet daughter is very much with you.

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Thank you Greet. It must be a comfort to know she is always with you and gives you peace right when you need it. My thoughts have been with you and Kristen today.
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That's a wonderful story...thanks for that!!
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What a wonderful story! I'm just so happy that you had that special moment with Kristen yesterday morning. She most definitely IS with you, my friend.
Love and hugs...
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Thanks Greet.........I too believe our loved ones come in ways to give us comfort when we need it. Kristen is all around you giving you butterfly kisses.

Much love..........Lois
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How amazing and special that experience must have been. I am so glad she came to comfort you and ease your heart. The love the two of you have can't be broken by any boundry. "In many ways big and small, Kristens life changed our world and left it a better place, and touched too many hearts to ever be forgotten." Anne Marie, you and your family are in my thoughts and in my heart.
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thank you for sharing this with us.....................(((((((((((greet))))))))))) ))
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Another of your beautiful posts, my friend, you always give me reason to hope.
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Matthew 6:26
Look at the birds of the air; (or butterflies) they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not much more valuable than they?

I truly believe that God uses His creatures to give us comfort at times.
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I could visualize everything, you write so well. Thank you for this. This story is encouraging even through the hardest time.
God bless you dear. Now, when I see a tiger butterfly, I will be encouraged as you were.
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That story gave me goosebumps ... it is amazing how the ones we've lost can break thru and touch us when we need it most. What an absolutely lovely gift you received from your dear Kristen
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Oh wow. That was the coolest ever. I love it when unexplained things like that happens. (((HUGS))
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Kristen's life experience and your recovery and strength are inspiring. I know that your child is at peace and I believe with all my heart that those 'signs' of wonderment are a gift meant to ease the pain and bring hope to your (and ours too) heart. Thank you for sharing your most personal thoughts and experiences with us.
much love,
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I call that a "God thing", Greet. And you are such a wonderful example of sharing your recovery by sharing your "God things". Thanks so much for that.

Hangin' In
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the butterfly is a symbol of peace & freedom.kristen is ok,she is with her H.P. you are so strong in your recovery & amaze me with your strength.peace be with you, you have my prayers,
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I was at my brother's wedding this past weekend, and as we entered the big white tent for dinner (it was outdoors and lovely) a big butterfly flew in and circled several times over my brother and his new wife's head flew once above the crowd and then flew out and away again. I told him that it was a good luck sign of "transition" and that he was just blessed by one of God's special "nature angels".

When we drove past a church on our way home I saw a sign in front that said "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous" and thought of how many times here we have talked of Godincidences.

I love your story Greet, it's exactly lovely stories like this that let me "see" the beauty and meaning in little things that touch my heart.

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Anne Marie,
Kristen was easing your pain a little that day. That is why she went right for your heart. I too think of her when I see butterflies, thinking she came to ease another SR mom's pain. Your story is so uplifting, as are you. You bring hope to me that maybe someday I can be half as strong as you are.
Thank you,
God bless you and your family
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