Okay guys found out where she is

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I talked to the woman who owns the motel and she told me that my daughter and the abf trashed the room. They lived like pigs and basically left everything there for her to clean up. Pretty sad how an addict lives. One thing that made me laugh is when I told her some of the paraphenalia that might be left behind and I mentioned a Chore Boy, she said that if she had found one she would have wondered what that was for because it was evident by the dirty dishes that they were not using it to clean with. But at least she knows where to send the court papers and she knows where he works so that if he does do any work, she can recoup some of her loses. I did inform her in April that this might happen and she sheepishly said, "You tried to warn me." I told her that is okay, you were dealing with one slick addict. We have all been there before Marle
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Lol... boy, do I know about addicts trashing a place too! I could barely go into my sister's apartment when she was in rehab to help mom move her things, the stench was too strong. Mom had put air fresheners in every room (and said that the smell had improved tremendously in the last several days) but it was still overwhelming.

I am so glad you might now have a chance to focus on you again
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Lady, Cleanliness is definitely not an addict's strong suit I sometimes in a perverted way wonder what would happen if someone became an addict and also had OCD that manifested itself with germ phobia. Boy that would be a hard one. Which side would win, the addiction or the OCD. I know that OCD is not funny because my daughter suffers from that too, but it would be interesting to see if addiction would take precedence over it. Marle
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I think the addiction would take over the OCD. Addiction takes over everything. I remember my ex getting real compulsive when smoking crack. He wouldn't clean the house, but he would spend hours cleaning the crack pipe, trying to scrape out another hit!
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raerae, He wanted the drugs. Cleaning the crack pipe was just a means to an end. LOL you gave me a good chuckle. Hugs,Marle
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Just wanted to send hugs!!! Glad you got news. Sometimes even bad news is better than no news, so we at least know they are alive!!!

Hugs from one mom to another!!!
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So glad she's alive. Now put her and the situation she's in in God's hands and sleep well tonight.

Hangin' In
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