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Hello Stef, Two years ago I was in your spot..cancer and a addicted son who is still there in his addiction. I lay in his home after every treatment and he stole my med's that were to help me through the effects of chemo and the pain of the cancer. I tried hiding it and he still found it. I would be so sick I could barely walk to get the med's only to find he has stolen them and left me high and dry. It broke my heart to think that a son who was suppose to love his mother would do that to her on her sick bed. But then God and friends pointed out this isnt that sweet boy you raised its a addicted man with out any thought to any one but to his friend the white pill. You stay strong and concentrate on getting well. You will have time to mend your brokemn relationship im sure. The way to beat cancer is to turn your attention on to your self and leave the problems of your son behind for now. Love your self right now, health comes from within ourselfs. God bless and heal you. FC
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Originally Posted by stefanie View Post
Thanks everyone for your kindness and words of wisdom. You all have given me
such a lift today.
My family and friends have been so supportive, and I have many wonderful
resources at the cancer center, so I have been blessed in many ways.
My son is the only one who hasnt been able to be there for me, and I feel
sad about that.

Stefanie, I'm so sorry for your health problems and the problems you are experiencing with your son. Heroin's control is so very's a dreadful addiction (they all are of course) He is probably at the point where he has to use to not be dope sick. I'm not making excuses for him, I just found it a little easier not to take it personally when I could separate my daughter from the disease. I'm sure he wants to be there for you and I pray some day he does find his way.

I do understand your hurt...your feelings are valid. Sadly, as I read this my thought was that with no contact at least you can focus your energy on getting well and not be sucked into his drama.

It really helps me to focus on my blessings. I find I need to feel all the range of emotions but not dwell on the sad or negative things too long. I'm glad you posted this..I hope getting out the hurt is helpful and that by expressing it you can move through it and focus on the blessings in your life and put all your positive energy into getting better. You and your son are in my prayers. Gentle hugs.
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Wow, sorry I'm coming in late. Wanted to welcome you as I haven't met you. My daughter is my addict, and I thought she was lost forever...well, we are taking baby steps to recovery.

I'm soooo sorry you have all this to deal with on top of cancer. I'm praying for you!!

Focus on you and like someone said above me. Create another family with friends and siblings until your son finds his way, and he will !!! But you must take care of you first!!!

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Peace Hope Love
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you and your son are in my prayers. Hang in there and focus on healing yourself. /m
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