finally he gets it

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finally he gets it

Mr. rahsue is a great guy, he always listens very well and is truly a concerned person
actually he usually relies on what I find out or waits for me to react to something before he has his say (I don't know why)
well tonight my poor ras.... he's (ras) really been doing well, meetings, no drinking,
working overtime, going to the gym
well I don't know where the bug came from that mr. rahsue got up his butt today but he kept saying "somethings up I can feel it" my son was playing a video game and went to see his friend about getting concert tickets that go on sale tomorrow
(friend is getting them because he's working overtime tomorrow)
well I thought my husband was going to go through his pockets. after the poor kid went back upstairs I just cracked up laughing saying oh now you get smart!!!!!!!
a day late and a dime short sometimes huh?
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For a long time my husband wanted to deny the severity of my daughter's problem. He did not have the contact with her that I did. They were never really close because they were too much alike. When my husband was younger he tried every drug there was so he thought she would just outgrow it like he did. Even last night he talked about knowing a lot of people who used pot or alcohol as a crutch. I had to tell him that there is a difference between a crutch and full-blown addiction. The people with the crutch are not losing everything important in life. His daughter is. I think my husband needed his denial. But he has always been strong on the not enabling part, even before her addiction. Even if it is a day late and a dollar short with your hubby, at least he IS getting it. Some people never do. Hugs and prayers that your son continues to do well. Hugs, Marle
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some time us as parents do deny, & some of us just take longer to "get it". hopefully this will be the beginning od mr.rahsue recovery & you can walk it together.prayers,
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