I deserve...

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I deserve...

I just wanted to start a thread where we could assert the things that we need to give ourselves permission to do/what we deserve- our own affirmations if you will. I think that so much of this is believing that we do not deserve things...

I deserve to experience the whole range of emotions.
I deserve to believe in myself. (A HARD ONE!!)
I deserve to feel valuable, worthy and priceless.
I deserve to be happy.

Hopefully others have their own to add.
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What a wonderful thread! I needed this today, Heather. I second everything you put in your post, plus:

I deserve:

-to find the resources I need to overcome my obstacles
-the love and support of those closest to me
-to trust in my HP
-to afford myself the opportunity to get my master's degree
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I deserve to be loved.
I deserve to be treated right.
I deserve to have my thoughts and feelings matter.
I deserve to have joy in my life.
I deserve to be the center of my world.
I deserve respect.
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the girl can't help it
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I deserve to feel safe in my own home


to be free of money troubles
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remember to breathe
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I Deserve Peace
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This is so inspiring and wonderful.
Here are some more:

* I deserve to be in control of my life and not allow other "outside" forces to dicatate the degree of freedom and responsibilty I feel for my choices/
* I deserve supportive and loving relationships.
* I deserve to snap out of the mindset that I will constantly keep being handed rejection and horrible things -- I DESERVE to believe that I am good, whole and incredibly gifted at the core of my being.
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I deserve to be able to study for my LSATS in peace without wondering if he's coming home alive...and now that he's in Florida I finally can! (not that my mind doesn't wander occasionally)
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I deserve be waited on hand and foot.

LOL maybe some day
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I echo Splendra

I deserve to feel safe in my own home - AMEN.

I deserve the peace of mind to take a shower, sleep at night, walk out of the room etc. without having to wonder if someone is stealing money from my purse.

I deserve respectful honesty.
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