MOMs, What will you do TODAY?

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get it, give it, grow in it
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Cool MOMs, What will you do TODAY?

Today I am Reminded me of the 3 Cs least one of them "We didn't cause it" There are an amazing group of moms here at SR that inspire, motivate, encourage, understand and empathize. It goes to show that bad things do happen to good people.
We love our kids and did the best we knew how when raising them. We are some incredible women & mothers. In isolation it would be easy to think "What the F***
happened here with my parenting?" But to know other awesome moms with the same story we learn that the drugs have an effect that has little to do with our parenting.
It is an equal opportunity destroyer that can strike our own kid. There is NO need to beat ourselves up about what we did wrong. We must look at what we can do now that is right in living with the consequences of addiction. From many of you I learn what to do right today. JUST for Today, I will exercise, connect with friends, plan my remodel, focus on what I am doing right and be the best I can. What will you do today?
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let it grow!
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i'll be grateful. and send out many mom hugs, k
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For starters, I will:

1. NOT call my sober daughter and tell her what I rehearsed while getting ready for work this a.m. You know, those imaginary conversations where we just "tell them what they need to know." Gee, she should be so grateful, but she won't even know to be so grateful that I didn't call...

2. I will call another mom in my Al Anon group and see how she is doing today. She's just began her journey and is scared. I want to offer the hope that my program gives.

3. I will do what is in front of me today, staying IN TODAY, and not going back to yesterday nor going forward into tomorrow. No "coulda, shoulda, woulda's" or "what if's". Those only steal the joy of today.

4. I will make an amend to my RAD for getting into her business. Well, I ONLY got into her business JUST A LITTLE (), but still, I need to tell her I'm sorry and I appreciate her being patient with me. God ain't through with me yet and He and I haven't QUITE perfected this staying inside my own hula hoop.

And that's just for starters. My program offers SO MANY GOOD THINGS that I can do today and for that I am so grateful.
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remember to breathe
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I will continue to just give support in the recovery process.
I will not try to micormanage his life.
I will continue to educate anyone in the family who asked about addiction.
I will no longer hide the problem
I will continue to reassure myself that I did and am doing the best I can without anxiety and frustration
I will continue to get "better"
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I'll remind myself ONCE AGAIN that things are well, and quit waiting for a shoe to drop (I always imagine a truckload of shoes hanging)

I'll write another graditude list to remind me how well I have it

I'll get a good night sleep to be rested for a buzy day tomorrow...then VACATION!

I'll remind myself that not everyone gets one of those

I'll go to bed smiling, rather than clenching my teeth
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I will not blame myself any longer.
I will continue to love, not enable.
I will be thankful everyday for God's grace.
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get it, give it, grow in it
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See, you gals are inspiring and wise. What a loving group.
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I will be grateful for the gifts that I have including the grass that needs to be mowed Hugs, Marle
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Never too early and never too late.
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I will try to remember to tell ALL five of my girls (addicts or not) how much I love them and what wonderful, beautiful, special young women they are and most of all that



I will try to remember to love me and to be good to ME.

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Today I am taking care of me. I have offered to help members of my home group who need support right now.
Today I am thankful for my HP for giving my the strength to make it to the point I am at today. I will continue to look forward and not look back at what the past held.
Yesterday is gone , tomorrow is not here and today is present so I treat it as a gift.
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Thanks for the positive thinking
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On a tear
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I am going to try to remember to see my son as my son... and not as an addict.

I am going to try to not bring up recovery the next time we talk.

I am going to allow my daughter to dress her baby ANY way she prefers... even if that means in bandanas and gang-banger crap. (oops... clothing... gang banger CLOTHING)

I am going to put my husband on IGNORE!!! (but only while he is out of work and stressing over every uneaten peice of vegetation in the refrigerator crisper and bitching at every thing that moves... uh, not in the fridge, but around the house).

I am going to love my mom and let it show.

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Power is not having to respond
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I am going to take a long hot bath, and thank God for every good thing in my life.
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today is over but it was a good day.i was grateful & truely blessed.
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Better late than never,
Today I learned how to thread the new sewing machine
Slept late! day off - 8 am is late!
Went to my meeting
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Today I gave a staff member the joy of learning and experiencing rather than handling the problem for him (he probably doesn't see it the same way yet, lol)

Today while driving to and from work, I thought about my blessings and gave thanks

Today I didn't let myself get sucked into gossip about someone's character flaws.

Today I took a walk at lunch with my higher power

Tonight I went to the gym and had a great workout
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Any more Mother's care to share what you're doing today to get peace of mind?
I worked out with weights at home this a.m. and just got back from aerobic class. I'm back to exercising almost every day and that has improved my posture and my mood. Change the things I can is my mantra today.
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Thanks for the good words about moms today. Just for today, i will focus on things other than my son, I will work on my house, I will take time for me.
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