As Threatened To Kill Me

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Perhaps by sticking to this boundary, this will be the worst of it. It may last a while. My kid still makes amends to me after 2 1/2 years of sobriety, and after becoming a mom herself. And her behaviors are still very self-centered.... I don't know if that is because of the drug use, or if it was there before and I was blind to it... but it has gotten better with time.

Time takes time.

If you get a chance, take in some open AA or open NA meetings - especially a speaker meeting. They help.

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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My heart goes out to you!!! They sure do stomp on our hearts don't they! Sounds like you reacted in a positive way.

Stay safe

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The little boy you raised and loved is in there somewhere... he has been taken over by the addict.

I agree with everyone here. You are doing the right thing. Be careful, Take care of your selves. I am sorry he is breaking your heart..

He is learning there are consequences to his actions.
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Baffling. On another thread I was lamenting that my son is alienated and I don't even know where he is living and the sorrow assosiated with that. Yet maybe I am the lucky one because my AS spares me the insanity of having an addict "in" my life.
It sounds like you yourself need to institute no contact while your son is out of control and potentially dangerous. How quickly it can turn bec. I remember being so glad to here your son put himself in Oxford. When & if an addict gets sober, That is only the beginning. A sober mind needs a long time to work out of addictive thinking.
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Please take care of yourselves. It's amazing what this illness can bring them to do.
If you remember the temper tantrums he threw as a 2 year old, it's just about the same thing, he didn't get his way and he's pi$$ed about it. Stay strong it may be his time.
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I'm so sorry that your son is treating you this way. But as others said, it's more about him than you. My son has said such hateful things to me when he's mad, and they do hurt. I just repeat to myself, he's mentally unbalanced, he's mentally unbalanced. That helps me put it in perspective. It definitely is an illness but we can't see a broken leg or arm. It sure does give us a broken heart though. Prayers for your and family.
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I'm so sorry...I know this is incredibly painful...Addiction takes whatever prisoners it can. I pray your son will find his way and in time will realize that what you have done may have saved his life. In the meantime, do what you need to do to protect yourself and give it over to your higher power.
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Been there! Stand your ground as hard as it is.
Ya'll are in my prayers,susan
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I haven't read the other posts, so forgive me if I repeat, but I had an interesting outing with my sister today, who is my recovering addict. She said something that seems to pop out as I read your post; she told me that whenever she knew that others were right, that those were the times when she would be full of rage and say the most hurtful things. It was her way of trying to turn the tables, to have an out instead of admitting her mistakes/ fault/ deceit/ etc etc...

My point is, that if your son has said things like that, perhaps he is just angry because he knows you are being sensible? Addicts don't like sensibility, as it doesn't lend itself to their current desires.

My heart is with you *hugs*
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