she's staying clean and sober, but....

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So sorry. Temptation reigns. My son spent a couple of days with us last week.
Just to get away from his dad. Even though he's not in active drug use right now, it was hard not to "watch" him like a hawk. Getting that trust back is so hard.
He's doing as well as can be expected though, considering he's never done recovery.
Praying for you all and especially your daughter.
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my husband did not bring up the money in the session. i am in a bit of shock....

we need to do some step one work again over here.

blessings, k
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How are things going k?
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I'm so sorry you have to go through this crud. I'll be thinking and praying for her to come around and get back on the right track, relapse is part of recovery so hopefully it's just a little set back.
peace to you and mr.k
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Having just had to ask our son to leave for the umpteenth time, I can so relate. Even when he was here and was doing okay I still took my pocketbook to bed, been burned too many times with stolen cards and cash.

Anyway, I hope that she learns what she needs to from this time and continues in her recovery, and here is a prayer that your day will bring you what you need, just for today.

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A tragedy in my Al Anon family

Sorry, accidentally posted in wrong place. Oops.

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