I had him arrested...

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let it grow!
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i understand how tough some of the best decisions are to make. you are very strong. hugs and prayers, k
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Saying prayers for you and your son, as one mother to another. Hugs and support. That was a tough thing that you did. I commend you.
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remember to breathe
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thoughts and prayers heading your way
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I have been exactly where you are right now. it surely isn't easy but that was your only choice.........that or the funeral home.......or at least I saw it that way. Know that his actions took away your options and that you are not dealing with a rational person. I paid for six months of rehab only to have my son last six weeks. Now he is definitely on his own in every way. I have turned him over to God and pray each and every day for him and then I move on with my life letting him experience life on life's terms as he should........blessings on you, dixied
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Power is not having to respond
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I am sorry you have to live with such turmoil. Now that he's in jail, you will have some peace and rest. Both of my boys are in jail. I have gone through complete hell with them, and now, finally, peace is in my house.
I hope you find peace as well.
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Thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok tonight.
You are in my prayers
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Their hard drugs lead us to making the hard choices. There is no warm feelings to be had, but at least you have Hopefully changed the course of son's life because we know where he was headed. Congrats on being able to practice tough love. You are a good parent. "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things."
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