Please pray for my daughter an Grandson

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Please pray for my daughter an Grandson

Please pray for my daughter her name is Crystal she she has her self convinced they are going to violate her probation because she forgot to take on of her drinking lasses. So she just told me an hour ago she is going to drop out of school an run. Please pray she comes to her senses before it's to late. she only has 2 weeks until the probation would be over . Also please say a prayer for her son that he be kept here where he is safe an happy. ABF 's parents called child services on her because they were mad at him an her both. But her son is safe her with us please pray he stays here.
I'm to upset to go into any more detail at the moment.
Thank You
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*sending hugs and prayers your way*
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I Send Hope That This Works Out The Way You Feel Is Safest For Your Grandson.
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Sometimes what looks like the worst happening is the best thing happening. Being only 2 weeks from the end of probation and still teetering....when the probation is over isn't going to stop the maddness.

Breaking her probation is kind of good in one way if she is still not doing so well, the law still keeps a handle on them and more the reason that your grandson is kept in your care until everyone involved knows anything different.

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Her addict boyfriend stole pills from his parents, the were mad at her because they think she knew about it . She is pregnant so they told her they were going to take the baby from her when it was born. Guess she yelled at them,An the next day child services showed up we weren't home so she has yet to find out what they were told. They just told her on the phone they want to meet with her an to bring her son. She has never ever hurt him or allowed him to be around the drugs. An she herself has stopped using in the last 3 months, an is going to school an working part time. The Abf is still using or at least he was 3 weeks ago, he also drinks a lot as does his Dad.
The bf has always wanted her to not pay her fines an move out of state because he can get an apartment on his own. Up until now she was sticking to her plan of paying her fines an getting things straight before moving, but this missing an drinking class has he convinced she is going to jail. I told he to talk to her PO she can take the class but it would be 1 week to late.
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She would still be on probation for an different charge for another year, this is the DUI charge. Plus she has to go to court in another state because they got picked by the police 3 weeks ago . Abf had a needle on him an freaked out cause he is on felony probation, she he ask her to take the needle an she was stupid enough to do.
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Prayers that your family find peace.
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My heart and prayers go out to you because I remember how badly I wanted my son to "see the light" and set his life straight.

What I learned was that he was on his own journey, one that had good periods of sobriety and dramatic periods of relapse. I learned that I could not control the path he would choose, so could only pray for him and trust that wherever life took him was where he was supposed to go to learn his own lessons. Life has taught me that there is often a gift in even their worst moments because that is often what brings them to their knees and helps them decide to change.

One thing I think I would do if I were you is to contact child services and let them know that the child is safe with you.

I'm sorry for your pain, and hers, and hope that life brings you both better days ahead.

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((((lostparent)))) Sending lots of prayers your way. Hope this works out for everyone's best interests. Hugs, Marle
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sending my prayers for you, your daughter & your grandson. turn your daughter over to your H.P. & just do all you can for your grandson.the kids are the ones who pay the price of all of this.i hope your daughter stays clean for the unborned baby but her choices are hers.take care of yourself & remember there is nothing you can do for your daughter.hugs,
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I hope and pray that your daughter makes the right decision.
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Sending prayer for your daughrter, grandson & you too. I hope she makes the right daecision.
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Prayers she gets exactly what she needs... and you do, too.

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I am hoping your daughter will communicate with her PO. Communicating saves a lot of trouble. If she runs that will cause her a lot more trouble....

I am saying prayers for your family. I know your heart must be breaking.
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Prayers going up...
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(((lostparent))), my prayers go out to you and your family.
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Thoughts and lots of prayers for Crystal and her mom!
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Thanks the prayers! She hasn't left yet so there is still hope.
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Dear Lost, My heart goes out to you & your family. I will be praying for your daughter, your grandson and your whole family. Addiction is a terrible diesase & hurts everyone involved.
Love & Prayers,
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Praying for you and your family. Try not to worry. Isn't that funny, that's what we codie's do!!! But hoping you can relax a little and let things progress as they will.

Glad you have the little guy, sounds like he is better off with you!!
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