Please pray for my daughter an Grandson

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I'm so sorry for your pain.
Keeping you, Crystal, and your grandson, in my prayers.
I hope she does the next right thing.

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Keepin you all in my prayers.
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Hi Lost,
I am so sorry for your pain. I do hope she comes around and stops running scared.
These are the penalties they pay for not staying in line. It happened to my son.
If she can stop the running, and stand in front of the judge with a GOOD answer as to why she didn't go, she has a chance.
Here's a prayer for them both. God Bless and take care.
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Thanks again everyone she has calmed down some an said she would talk to her PO about it. She has to take 2 classes, she took one but never went back for the 2nd one so now she has to take the first one again. Her probation is up on the 22nd they only have the classes on Monday's she checked an they aren't having one the 9th, so she can't take any until the 16th then the second one on the 23rd which is a day to late.
As far as child services she didn't hear from them today. Someone said if it was reported to them she was using drugs most likely they will just talk to her an have the baby tested when it's born. An that they just want to see her son to make sure he is ok. We are worried they will want to check the house out an I'm afraid it won't meet their standards if they do. We have heard horror stories about child services around here.
I've seen the power of prayers on here an I'm hoping they will work this time too. I think I'd die if they took my Grandson away an he'd be crushed this is the only home he has ever known. When I think of all the innocent kids that are hurt by drugs it makes me sick.
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Keeping you all in my prayers. Hugs
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My ad Crystal talked to her PO he said she had a month to take the classes an pay fines. That is good news so the prayers worked for that. Now child services are coming tomorrow to talk to her an meet her son. I hate to ask again but Please, please pray that it goes ok, we have been scrubbing walls, baseboards, carpets everything for 2 days. Trouble is my carpet is 14 yrs old an have 5 kids running on it plus the dogs an cats have pretty much done it in. I am scared to death something will go wrong. Someone told me all the kids will be in danger of being taken if they don't like the looks of your home. We love these kids to death they happy an safe, we were told child services don't care about that. They only care that the house is safe an clean an that they have very high standards.
Please God help us keep these kids safe an happy here with people that love them. I HATE DRUGS!
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they want to see that the environemt is clean ....not spotless and that there is food and running water clothing..............necessities not luxury......try not to worry and be honest and open and it should go just fine...............(((((((((((((((hugs))))))))
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I agree with Ann. I know you love your daughter, I love mine. I also have my grandson, and am his guardian.I myself called dcf and they came over immediately and saw he was ok, got her to sign guardianship papers, and I don't worry about his addict father or family of abf taking him. Things are hectic at times but he is safe. I'm sorry to say this but your daughter seems to have made some very poor choices and maybe, just maybe, you could try to focus on yourself and the child and let her dig herself out of the mess SHE CREATED...Its hard, I'm doing this now with mine, I cant get into her chaos or I lose me and then where will the baby be. Bless you.Marian
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Hey Lostparent, dont' worry about stuff being new. As long as it is clean, that is all that matters to DCW (dept of child welfare) and there is food and decent sleeping arrangements. I have a friend who used to work for the State and he said the only time they take the child is if it is in serious neglect or danger. All States are seriously overloaded with children needing foster care.
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I'll be praying that the visit from dcf goes well and praying for you and your family too.
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The lady didn't come she was running late so now she is coming tomorrow. I can't take much more of this the stress is getting to me. Doesn't help that AD was fighting with her adb so she told them he stole Adavan for them. Now they are mad at him an her both say they are going to cal the cops on both of them. So of course now she is back with him. It's crazy all of it is crazy! We just don't need this right now. Poor innocent little kids could be hurt because they are all fighting . An it has NOTHING to do with these kids.
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don't worry it will be ok - i'm in indiana and went through stuff with my sister (remember lil guys?) cps in indiana just want to make sure the house is clean and safe - carpet is a bonus - dcfs in il thought it was ok that sister and her bf had the lil guys in a condemned house (the basement had flooded and mold was rampant) - with a few bags of food from the food pantry - and the kids had clothes - i think indiana has different standards than lake county illinois but the main concern is that the kids are fed, clothed and not being abused - i wish i could ease your fears (((((((((lost))))))) it'll be ok...

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sorry lost, keeping all of you in my prayers.
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((((((((((lostparent))))))) prayers go up....
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Here's another prayer for you all. You deserve some peace. Things will be ok.
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Thanks everyone ! I'm sorry for being a pest about asking for prayers for the kids but just knowing there's a chance we could lose any of them scares me. We were told that even though the call was made on Crystal that all the kids could be taken if they don't like our home. It don't matter to them how much you love them or how happy they are. Crystal ( ad) isn't using drugs right now because she is pregnant, but she is still being stupid. Her sister an I are so upset by all this. Yet Crystal is more concerned with boyfriends problems. I just pray she can stay out of trouble until this is over. Most mothers would put their kids first before a bf. We tried to talk to her an she just gets mad at us. These kids would be scared to death to be taken to live with strangers. Her son is use to her not being around much, but he would never understand being taken away from the only home he's ever had. I just wish the lady would have came today an got this over with. It feels like someone has a gun to my head waiting to decide if they should pull the trigger.
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As long as the kids have clothes that fit, there is food in the fridge, and the place is not covered in mold and filth, you really should be fine.

BTW, don't ever apologize for asking someone to pray for you! You would do the same for us, right?

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My daughter inlaws sister use to work for child services here an she told me once that they wouldn't place him here with us because we were to old plus we had to many people living here. She said Crystal could sign him over to us, which she told her sister she would do but then backed out of it. I would give the world if one of us could have custody of the little guy.
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(((((((Lostparent))))))) My heart goes out to you as I have been in the same situation as you and I know the sick fear of your grandchild being taken away from your home. I now have custody of my 2.5 year old grandson, but there was a time when he lived with me without a custody order and I was constantly in fear that one of his parents would take off with him (which at that time they would have had every right to do) or that he would end up being taken by social services. I was able to get his parents to voluntarily sign the custody papers so there wasn't a big fight about it. I don't think you would be discriminated against because of your age - the most important thing is that you can provide a loving and stable home for the child. If my grandson's parents had refused to sign the papers I would have gone to court regardless. Check to see if your local courthouse has a counsellor you can talk to about all this from a legal standpoint. Is it possible for you to ask the court for custody directly? I will pray for you and your grandkids - it's an awful situation to be in.
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Well an 1 hr an 20 mins until the lady comes. So here I set waiting. Will let you all know what happens. It helps just knowing there are people out there that have been where I an an can understand how I feel.
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