14-Day Rehab Program

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14-Day Rehab Program

The hospital has admitted her into a 14-day rehab program. Plane and simple; does it work? Any body know if 14 days is enough? Is she making a serious attempt because she had to agree to do the program which she did?
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Depends on if she is ready. She can always go into a halfway or sober living house when she gets out of the rehab. It will at least give her some time without drugs in her system and anytime that happens is a good thing. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Hugs, Marle
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14 days is nothing to be clean.time will tell if she is serious about this.maybe she will go to a half way house or another rehab.i pray this is her time & prayers for you too.
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14 days is nothing, BUT if she is serious about recovering her efforts will not stop after the 14 days. The place where she is probably has counselors that can recommend a next step to her, whether it be going to a halfway house as mentioned above, intensive outpatient where she comes home and goes to a day program, or they might talk her into going to a longer program. Once she sees that she can handle being in that kind of environment, she may be more likely to go on to a 28-day, 60-day, 90-day or even a year program. Rehab is just such a scary concept to most addicts (can ya blame them?), but once they see that they feel better once the withdrawals go away, sometimes they begin to think more clearly.

Either way, if she went in willfully, that is always a good sign. Good luck!
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Thanks. I was kinda in the dark and did you see the way I spelled "plain" like "plane". . .ha. . .my nerves are shot! LOL I spoke to her today and she said that she was glad she made the choice to do the 14-day program and as you all said, she said she'd see how well she could handle being away from her family and withdrawal, etc before deciding to go into a more intense program. I wish her luck as do the rest of you and thank you for that as well
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Some addicts don't even need to go to rehab, just getting into a program and bonding with someone who is clean and working a program is all that it could take.
But something is better than nothing...even if it is not enough time, they always seem to grasp some sort of inspiration that instills in the back of the mind...when they choose to use it is another thing.

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Every trip to rehab helps along the way to recovery. Just don't expect it to be a cure all. It is a step along the journey. My 17 year old son is getting ready to go back for his 5th trip, but I don't regret one of those times.
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14 days clean and sober beats that many using/drinking. prayers to her - that she is ready this time. blessings, k
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My kid did 4 total rehabs, finished 3 of them. She also did a recovery house. But at the time, she was just NOT ready... and all the rehabs in the world would not make that so.

BUT!!! Each time through rehab, she learned something new... and so did I. Each time was different. They used different materials.... different messages. Each time was exactly what she needed.


Wishing you the best.
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When my son was 18 he enrolled in a 28 day rehab facility. The director met with us and told us that it was a very good sign that our son made this choice. He also gave us the facts on recovery. He said that some users do find recovery but many will modify their use at best, and take more time and experience to get to a place of finally quitting.

It's still a good place to be and like BigSis said they learn while they are there. The tools are made available and the more exposure to recovery a person has- and the more someone realizes the truth- the sooner they may decide to change.

My son stayed out of trouble for about a year afterwards and has been in and out the same halfway house several times in addition to successfully completing their 6 month program...twice. He stayed on for 3 months as staff the last time and when he moved out began his last 'run' from which he ended up in jail. This time he chose to do a hard program for a longer period of time- in a plea exchange. He could have easily been back out on the streets using- but chose a better path.

He has been clean 14 months and will be moving out of the court ordered halfway facility in a couple weeks.

I agree with what Rose said- that rehabs and halfway houses are not always necessary. What is necessary is willingness and whatever it takes to get to that place.
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Just wanted to say good luck to you and your daughter. 14 days is a very short period of time, but it could be the start of something very positive. The halfway house idea that people have suggested is something to think about. My Abf completed a 14 day program (after several failed attempts) and although he did not stay clean, it was the catalyst for him getting into a longer term program. He has now been in a 6 month sober house program for 1 month and seems to be doing great (not that I'm ready to breathe easy!). Hopefully 14 days clean will help her see that she prefers that way of life to her current one and she will take the steps to continue on that path. My thoughts are with you both!
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Well, she calls me every day and I joke that could come kidnap her just to see how she'd respond and she hasn't taken me up on my offer yet so perhaps she really is trying to get herself together. She's actually at a psychiatric hospital that has a rehabilitation center so she's a little freaked about the "different" kinds of people she meets but she's hanging in there.

This is the first time I've known my exAGF to take the initiative towards recovery via rehab. I hope all goes well for her. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. As I said this is still so new to me so you've all been a great help. I love being able to tell her that you all have high hopes for her because I can tell she draws strength from that. She always said to me that she felt alone like she had no support or real encouragement from any body.
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AND she is calling you, not the other way around.
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I agree with Liveweyerd. The fact that she is calling you is definitely a good sign.

*sending prayers and hugs her way and yours*
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I hope so. That's a short program, but perhaps it will be enough. If she is truly wanting to quit drugging, she will make it through.
Here comes a prayer that her eyes are opened in rehab, to see that life is worth living with out drugs, and that you find peace and comfort through it all.
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just realized I called her your daughter...for some reason when I saw the pronoun "her" I automatically went to that. Best luck to you and your ex AGF!
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Fourteen days is only a drop in the bucket, in my opinion. Hardly time to get her head halfway clear. But even a tiny bit of recovery is better than her being free to keep doing what she was doing.

Best wishes and prayers for her.

Hangin' In
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