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Red face Ot Update

Hello all,
Thanks for the prayers. I just got home and still don't know what is wrong. They are going to run more tests and they put me on new medicine. I don't go back for 2 months unless something changes. They are putting me in a study that is studying strokes. No I didn't have one, but they want to see if the changes to my brain can be signs of one coming on. Nice right. I am thanking my HP for protecting me and will keep praying that he keeps me safe.
All of you mean a lot and the prayers made me feel safe without knowing what it was or still is.
Hope everyone has a great day, and if I don't talk to you later, have a good holiday tomorrow.
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Pam, Thanks for letting us know...You will continue to be in my prayers as always. Man, that stinks not knowing...we've come so far in medicine that I always expect science to have the answers! I sure hope that the new medication helps. I have heard some very favorable things about the Headache Institute...perhaps worht the trip if this doesn't work? Anyway...I really hope relief from this new medication is fast and permanent. Hugs and prayers.
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Thanks for the update Pam...keeping you in my prayers
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thanks for the update.i want you to know that our prayers are with you & i hope this new medication helps. keep posting.hugs,hope
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I've been thinking about you today Pam. I hope this medication does the trick. Still keeping you in my prayers.
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I hope the medication helps, out of curiousity what medicine did they start you on?
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Here's hoping the new meds will help. I know the "not knowing" is driving you crazy.
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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
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Pam, I'm glad they are trying something different. I hope you feel some relief soon. Hang in there, sending hugs & prayers.
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They are taking me off filoment and putting me on topamax twice a day. I am not allowed to have any caffine no chocolate, or sweet tea. At least they didn't say it was serious so I am willing to try this for two months and have the new tests. Hopefully they will figure it out by the time I go back to them in 2 months. Thank you all for your support. The not knowing is the hardest part but I know my HP will keep me safe and give me the peace to keep going.
Hugs to all of you
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Ok so being the good friend that I am, I will force myself to have an extra cup of coffee each morning, and some chocolate now and again just for your Pam. Let me know if there is anything else I might be able to do for you. (grin)
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Thinking of you

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Here's a big hug! (((pam)))
I had a mamogram 2 months ago. It was digital, so I could see it right after it was taken.
There was this HUGE white place in it. I was scared to death. Then, of course they called me back. This made me even worse scared!
I was so shaken up that I had to have someone drive me there.
Well, after several more times of getting tests, it was nothing more than a cyst.
Whew! All that worrying for a cyst.
Hopefully, you will have good news and it will be something treatable and nothing serious.
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