Please help; kid in trouble and I don't know how to handle it...

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Originally Posted by rahsue View Post
How are his grades? do you think he's just playing catch up with friends?
Thanks for the input. Actually, he is on a full scholarship called the Roan Scholars Leadership. He got it not only due to grades in high school, but because of all the extra stuff he did-he is a fantastic singer and sings semi-professionally, won awards for acting, was captain of the football team, was chosen scholar-athlete by one of the local tv stations, etc. He graduated high school with a 3.9 gpa; had a rocky first semester in college (which is normal, I think), but ended the year with a 3.0.

I actually feel much better about things now that so many of you have said that it is normal behavior for college kids. My oldest son went away to college, so I didn't have any experience with this stuff. My frame of reference in regards to clubs comes mostly from my ex, who 'closed them down' 2 or 3 nights a week for years....

I was projecting not only my ex's behavior onto him, but I guess my own as well. Back in the 70's, the only reason I ever went to a bar was to drink. Drinking age was 18 back then-bad idea!

As for the laundry-guilty as charged! I guess I do it because I have always done it.

Anyway, I over-reacted (WHO ME????) the other night. *sheepish grin* Once again, the SR crowd pulled me back down to earth!! LOL!
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Does your son ask you to wake him up? I stopped waking up my son in first grade...

I would not do anything for him that he can do for himself. If you do not want him coming in the middle of the night I suggest you advise him as to what time the doors will be locked.

Your son is well old enough to clean up after himself including doing his laundry and cleaning the dishes and utensils he uses to eat with. It is part of growing up to do these things. Let your son grow up he will thank you for it....
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Originally Posted by Louise54 View Post
My kids used to call the house at the wee hours of the night to let me know if they were going to be late (after 2:00am), but then when the phone rang it scared the daylights out of me, and then I couldn't go back to sleep. Now I have them text message me, and then if I happen to wake up and their not home, I check my cell phone and can go back to sleep knowing where they are. Thank God sometimes for modern technology.

Actually I did the same with the cell phone itself because I turn it off at night. I still have a dinosaur cell phone (I mean old and it still has its original battery, but I love it...just rings and you answer, no gadgets to have to figure out!) So i would ask my daughter to leave a message on the cell if she was late or staying over somewhere. If I woke and she wasn't home, I would check the cell. It is really helpful!
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duet... you just sound like a regular mom! and your son sounds pretty near perfect to me
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