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I am going to see a neurologist (spelling not right) on the 3rd. My doctor wanted me to go since they specialize in this sort of thing. I am taking the pills he has given me every 4 hours so I am sleeping alot. But they are not even working that well anymore. I am hoping it is just an infection.
Greeteachday, thanks for the offer. I just might need to take you up on that. I'll let you know.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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My daughter and I said a special prayer for you. Just letting you know you remain in our thoughts.
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Pam, I am so sorry the pills aren't working for you. I hope you have a comfortable weekend. Sending love & prayers.
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I have absolutely disabling headaches, so I know what it feels like.
I am so glad you're getting in sooner than July 24.
Here comes a prayer for your healing...
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sending prayers for you. let us know what the dr. says & how you are.i care.hugs,
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Prayers and hugs going out to you.

I'm so glad they are going to see you on the 3rd. Even that is a long time when you are suffering but the other date was absolutely impossible. My SR suffers from migraines; she saw a neurological ophthamologist finally and he has ordered prescription sunglasses with "0" prescription but they have polorizing on both sides of the lenses and a special film on them, which costs $75.00 per lense and the frames are such that they wrap around the side so the light doesn't get in. Her migraines are triggered by light. She wears them inside also when the lighting is too bright for her. They really help. We had to do it as a prescription so my vision insurance will help pay for them. He also gave her a prescription for the strongest pills he can give her, which cost over $22.00/each that she can take even after a headache has started. They knock her out but they do get rid of the pain. She can only use them when she doesn't have to be anywhere or do anything so she doesn't use them often.

I know my daughter suffers terribly so I can understand how horrible it must be to have a continuous headache. I pray they can get to the bottom of it.

Keeping you in my prayers.
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grateful rca
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sorry about your pain, hoping you feel better soon. glad that you get to see the dr soon, and i'll keep you in my prayers
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