i love you guys

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grateful rca
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i love you guys

thank you all so much for your many prayers, i am so grateful to you all. i was released yesterday afternoon so i came to my daughters. i do have internet here but i'm still kind of weak so for now, sitting at the comp is kind of hard. gotta figure out how i'm gonna afford all of this expensice medicine that i've been prescribed. get this they prescribed me percocets for pain. gosh i don't want to take that. anyway, not complaining, just glad to be here and i'm glad that i had all of you praying me through. thanks again so much, keep praying though and i'm doing the same for all of you and your loved ones.
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Glad to hear your home I hope u heal real soon. We miss u take care of yourself.
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Good to hear from you Teke...hang in there and know your in our thoughts and prayers.
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Sending more prayers!!!! Hope you get to feeling better really soon!
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A work in progress....
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we love you teke!! Take good care of yourself!

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Good health to you, teke! it's good to have you back.
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more prayers, glad you're doing better, we missed you! (((teke)))
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I am glad you are home and on the road to recovery. Let your daughter take care of you, since you took care of her for a long time. Mom speaking to Mom.
Please do what the doctor tells you to and get plenty of rest.
Still sending you prayers,
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Or However You Spell It....
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Continued prayers for you ((Teke)). You've been missed my friend.
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take care teker
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let it grow!
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get plenty of rest! blessings and big hugs, k
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Glad to see you back Teke. Check out this website If you qualify you can get prescriptions free or greatly discounted. Hope you are 100% real soon. Hugs, marle
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So glad you are out and on the road to getting better!! We missed you!!! ((HUGS)))
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I'm so glad to hear from you and I hope you feel better soon. The link that marle gave you is very helpful. We used it to get meds for my son last year.
Take it easy, lady and do what the docs tell you to!
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On a tear
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Prayers continue, friend. (((Teke)))
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Take the medication, sweetie - your doctor knows best, so just follow the prescription, and trust yourself to know when you don't need it anymore. Get off the computer now that you've let us know how you're doing, and stay off until you are truly up to it.

Now that I've finished the lecture (LOL) take care of you, and glad to see you here.
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Glad that you are out of the hospital Teke. Hope you're feeling much better very soon.
Love ya girl.
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Glad yo are on your way to recovery! Rest well.
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Hi Teke!!! I'm so glad you're 'out' and I hope you're feeling 100% soon
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So glad to hear you are out of the hospital.
Continued prayers for your recovery.

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