you not going to believe this

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the girl can't help it
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Yea what ((((Best))))) said I really hope you file a motion for a hair follicle test that would remove all doubt...
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Just remember when you go to court.... remain calm... unlike myself.... you want the judge to see you as being in control of yourself. Also, make sure you clean everything and stock the fridge and cupboards with food, the kids are clean etc. Being that you're both charging each other with drug abuse, they're likely to send someone from CPS to visit the home. They don't announce when they're coming, so keep everything clean. It will all go into a report!
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get it, give it, grow in it
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My ex harrassed me through the legal system. Threatening to take our kids is their way to get at us and distract us from the financial issues. Just stay focused, calm and ride this whole court thing out cause it is just one more way they f*** with us. This too will pass.
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I agree with what the others have said. Stay don't answer the phone if calls so maybe he'll forget himself an leave a message that can be used to show he is unstable.
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Are you ok Drained? What is going on? I am praying for your serenity.
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Good Morning DW.
Hope you are OK this morning and feeling that you have the upper hand (because you really do).
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