A new one (at least for me!)

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A new one (at least for me!)

My STBXAH was released from rehab on a "day pass" with no warning at all yesterday at 5am.........and it is true........I spoke to his counselor! He told them that I was closing on the sale of our home and he would come back with a check for them........who exactly is the junkie here? I was never closing on the home that day and never discussed giving the rehab $$$$$$$$ with either him or the counselor. We started fighting and 7:30am when he arrived here, he left and came back at noon..........then he called the cops on himself and had himself removed from the home! After many more trying incidents involving his parents, brother and the kids........he went back up to the rehab and actually arrived there.

I am astonished that the rehab would behave this way and allow him out to swindle money. On the bright side, he proved to himself that he still needs treatment.

Any thoughts?
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If you can just put this on your gratitude least he did go back and he is in treatment.
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That is a strange one. He called the police on himself. That is one to remember Maybe he realized that he really needs help. Hugs, Marle
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Yeah, I am learning the hard way that some rehab centers do not do a very good job of keeping their consumers in check. Kudos to him for turning himself in though! Maybe that means his heart is in the right place?
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Glad he checked himself back into rehab. That's a new one for me.
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that is a new one.i am glad he is back in rehab. maybe it will work for him after all.i know it was a shock to you to have him appear like that.prayers, hope
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