Not drug-related but need some advice. . .

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The more I think of me and my husband I would have probably plopped on hubbys lap and thought nothing of it
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Let me grow up.
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I spoke to my sister (close friend since childhood) whose brother recently married and she told me that she and her sister-in-law have also had their moments as well but that I just had to be the bigger person here though she totally understands how I feel. She also acknowledges that I'm not wrong to feel the way I feel that what my sister-in-law did was petty but that's how the game is played and I can respect that.

She's met my sister-in-law and knows her nature as do I and she told me that for whatever reason my brother fell in love with a jerk, I'll have to learn to tolerate her and that it's my choice whether to isolate myself or not but ultimately that it'd only hurt my brother, which there's a part of me that's concerned about that and a part of me that isn't because he knows what the problem is and hasn't done anything about it although he recognizes that it obviously upsets me.

Yeah, I suppose I am a little jealous but right is right and wrong is wrong and she was wrong. I, however, will have to let it go. So again thanks for everyone's advice and the different perspectives though we'll just have to agree to disagree. Thank you, Bookmiser, for understanding where I was coming from; you always cheer me up
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IMHO I would rather keep a relationship with someone I loved than be right. Being right can be very lonely if your not careful. Think of all the time & thought you now have in this whole thing about who sat where. The only person I see loosing out is you. That is alot of time and energy that could have been put to other things, like having fun & enjoing your brother. I really don't mean to sound harsh, but in the big scheem of things...
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Build bridges not walls with people is a good philosophy. Call your SIL and tell her it was good to see her. Change the whole dynamic. Or hold a grudge,.\
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Let me grow up.
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In theory, I agree with you, Help, but I enjoyed myself just the same. I got a chance to break away and visit with my grandparents and some friends of mine. I also saw my exAGF who seemed to be doing quite well. Seeker, I won't hold a grudge; I feel much better today after praying on it and speaking with my "sister" again last night but I can't bring myself to call and lie to my sister-in-law about being glad to see her either. Next visit will be what it will be without me holding any real high expectations. I'll be making plans in addition to spending some time with my brother not making plans based solely on spending time with him.
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