Prayers needed for Teke

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On a tear
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Awww... Teke, I just saw this. ((((LovingPrayers))))

I miss your wisdom and your insight and your experience and strength.

Please know we are holding you up here, that you are on our hearts and in our minds.

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Still saying prayers for you Teke. Hope things are better. Here's a big hug too!!!!!
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Drug Addiction Has No Mercy
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You can count on my prayers

God Bless
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Teke....I'm still praying for you to feel better soon, friend.
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Get Caught Reading
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Sending prayers up tonight...
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teke???, kj? - any news?????....

i hope, pray for good news - i haven't been here for a bit and just hope things are ok...

and here are three *count em* three sets of kid fingers - lots and lots of prayers going up teke...

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Hug giver-outer!
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Wow! Thoughts and prayers going out to Teke!

I hope things are going well.
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Have never posted with her, but i will pray for her
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Thinking of you today.
Prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Continuing to think of you Teke. Hope that you are getting better. We miss you and love you. Hugs, Marle
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Or However You Spell It....
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continued thoughts and prayers for you today. I hope you're feeling better my friend.
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Added Teke to my prayers for Family and Friends today at church.

Sure would like some news.. and praying that No News is Good News!
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Has anyone heard anything further on Teke.....please give us an update.....
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praying again tonite for you teke. know you are missed...Marian
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Thread Starter
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Update On Teke

She is still in the hospital they are now treating her for pnemonia (sp) she isnt sure when she will get out of the Hospital yet hopefully soon. She said thanks for the Prayers and to keep sending them since shes not out of the woods yet. Thank u for everyones prayers and support Teke will love this when she gets home and all these. Thanks again....
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Thanks for the update..Hurry an get well Teke we miss you here.
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let it grow!
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i sure hope she can recover soon. blessings, k
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Been away all weekend and just saw this. Sending you huge hugs and tons of prayers. Hope you get well soon.
Love ya,
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Just plainly tired
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Teke, just wanted to drop in again and say to you that I am thinking of you!!

Miss you and hope you feel better!

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I am still sending you prayers for a quick recovery. We miss you.
Hugs coming to you
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