Prayers needed for Teke

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get well soon Teke
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Sending my thoughts and prayers, Teke. Please get well soon.
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I'm no angel!
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Adding my prayers, get well soon!
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Love & Prayers from me too.
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get well soon, teke!
hugs and prayers!!!!!!!!
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Hugs and prayers from me & Mr. GL
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Prayers for Teke for healing and comfort.
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I sent her a PM and did not hear back. Wondered what was going down and I have been concerned.
Prayers for Teke going out, up.. everywhere.
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Prayers for (((((Teke)))))
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Sending my prayers to Teke. Hope she feels better soon and comes home soon.
Thanks for letting us know she is going to be ok.
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Teke, hope you feel better soon!!
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Also sending prayers for Teke.
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In my thoughts and prayers for a fast and full recovery.
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Get well prayers coming your way Teke.

Lots of hugs..............Lo
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the girl can't help it
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Get well soon prayers for your healing going out....
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Get Caught Reading
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We love you!
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A work in progress....
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Prayers for teke!
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Prayers for Tekes speedy recovery.
Get well soon Teke we all miss you.

Love & Hugh Hugs Teke,
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Sounds to me like Teke's hp is very close......she went to the hospital at the right time.
Prayers for you, Teke, I know you would be praying for any of us.
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Just plainly tired
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Teke, I am sorry I am a little late on this I just signed on now. Teke you are in my prayers, thoughts and heart. Get well soon!!

Miss you,
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