Kids visiting parents in jail.

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This is a tough lesson. That's what it took for you, so be greatful for that. There is ALWAYS something to learn and some positive in every day. While incarcerated try to remember that. When you get out you can put that chapter of your life away.
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Of course your kids should see you ..the older ones only if they


If they are so fortunate!

My girls would not visit me in rehab..just to take me home.

Especially for the girls..if they want to visit you...they will

be assured you are really "O.K."..and not have that black box

in their heads wondering what is happening to you..

You are their mama.

Of course, of course, of course.

Your family can bind together through this time...


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I don't have an answere Gwen, but I do want to say that I have taken my granddaughter to see her father. SHe is almost 2 and he has never touched or held her. The last time he even got to see her was a year ago. He moved to a facility too far away. Now, he has moved about an hour away. We are awaiting visitation approval. This facility has visitation face to face. It will be a wonderful day too because for the first time he will be able to hold and love his only child.

Do your children know where you will be spending weekends? If they do, are they ok with visiting?
I know you love them. You'll make a decision that you're comfortable with Gwen.
Take care.
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