OT BUT Prayers needed

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OT BUT Prayers needed

I have been following this case for a couple of years thanks to our news media. It is about a young man of 17 making a very bad choice. He was scholastic, home coming king and a star athelete. He has spent 27 months in prison on a 10 year sentence for the worse injustice I can think of. He needs your prayers and I think many here would agree with me. This is a abuse of power and the law that put him in prison has since been revamped to exclude cases like his but not retroactive. Read up on him and if you get angry, join the crowd...if you agree with the sentence don't bother commenting as its just my honest opinion and routing for the underdog. His name is Genarlow Wilson's. His case was thrown out today by a judge and the state prosecutor filed an appeal...he is still in prison...Thanks!
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I saw that on the news, Noah, and I believe this is justice at its worst.

The man should go free. I believe that the law under which he was convicted no longer applies or exists.

It's just wrong.

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thanks noah, i've been kind of following the case too. i think that this whole thing is so unfair. i'll continue to pray for him and his family. hope that he can be freed soon. i totally agree with you on this. i'm rooting for the underdog too.
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A friend of SR sent this to me and I am posting it here. There is a link at the bottom to send a message to help save this mans future. The one thing that stands true in our society is when the masses scream for justice, the politicians will listen. Please drop a note in support of undoing this injustice. http://news.*****.com/s/huffpost/200...uffpost/051658
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I agree with you Noah, a great injustice is being done to him.
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I add my prayers and support Noah.
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Prayers for this man and his family. I know it really doesn't matter, but I don't understand why he was tried as an adult if he was 17 at the time. It really is a tragedy that justice is not blind and I certainly don't understand the state's position.
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wrong,wrong, did they convict him to start with? i do not understand.
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p.s. my prayers are for him & his family too.
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I find this stuff totally inane... there are so many serious criminals out there who get off on a technicality, and there are the Paris Hilton's of the world who get off (well, almost) because they are famous or have enough money to pay for it.

The law was changed, and it should have been grandfathered. This young man should be allowed to go free. I think the lawyers are filing the appeal to point out some other stupid aspect to the law... but Genarlow will suffer until it's resolved.

Thanks for posting, Noah

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I was shocked to hear that the prosecutors were filing an appeal. I can only imagine the situation if all teenagers who have sex with a 15 year old were locked up. Talk about over crowding! Immoral perhaps, but illegal? Hardly!
I wish him and his family a quick resolution for his freedom.
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Hope- I think it was actually due to the fact that he would not plea bargain and admit guilt for something he felt he did not do. If i was in his place I hope I would have the same courage as he has shown by not admitting guilt. He was then facing a jury of his peers who since have pleaded to let him go as they did not understand the manditory punishment. Genarlow is a vicitm of circumstance, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was found guilty of nothing other than being a dumb kid, not knowing the law. As a young man I was stupid at times though I never got snagged by the legal system. This man could be the a leader of the western world someday. He may do nothing but enjoy his freedom and be a proffesional ball player but thats his choice. The legal system has treated him in such a way because he would not admit guilt. As we all know our system is flawed but this example is embarrasing.
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This is insane and I did write a letter and sent it to the govenour! Hopefully justice will be done to this poor man.
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Noah I thank you for posting the link to the Govenor's office. I have sent him my two cents! It is so hard to see that this young man's life has been changed in the most horrific way and the young women (who consented to having sex with him) have continued to live their life to the fullest. I will continue to pray that justice is done and this man's charges are droped and he is a free man without a criminal past!
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We had seen it on the news tonight in my house. All in the house are in agreement. His time has been served. My son was telling of another case and it is more of the same. Misuse of power. I see this as a rare time of seeing the news doing things right.
Justice will be given but not fast enough.
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Our legal system forcing another human being to admit guilt is similiar to the Salem witch trials. Admit your guilt, whether guilty or not and you may be spared, if you deny guilt you will be punished by man for God. Though it is not exactly the same, many innocent people were killed at that time who would not admit to being a witch and were punished/murdered, I am sure this young man only wants his life back.
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Sending up prayers for this young man, his family, and friends.
(((((Genarlow Wilson))))))
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Argggghh... sometimes, our justice system is so warped!!! With our "zero tolerance" policies and laws we have so often taken the discretion OUT of the hands of the very humans we ask to "mitigate" special circumstances!!

My dad was 29 when he married my mom, who was 16. They were married for 41 years, and happy during much of those years. Under today's laws - he would have been sent to prison and if refusing "treatment", would have been released as a Level 3 Sex offender, unable to find work, housing or community.

In my state, a young 21 year old man killed himself a few years ago over this issue when he was arrested for rape of a child when his 16 year old girlfriend broke up with him and her parents decided that they didn't want him coming around anymore.

Thanks for the links, Noah. I hate this stuff.
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arggghh is right..k
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They were talking about this on the radio this morning and this young man was an excellent football player and had scholarships to college and looked as though he had a promising future. I think this is fairly common with people dating people who are a little younger. This girl was also I think a month away from being 16 from what I heard which would have been age of consent in that state. I think they are just trying to make an example out of this person. I have seen people commit much worse crimes yet walk away with nothing. Its just a shame. Another thing he refuses to plea guilty cause then he would have to register as a sex offender and wouldnt be able to live at home when he gets out cause he has a younger sister. What a shame...... What an abuse of our justice system.

When I was 15 about 16 my bf at that time was 23 now it sounds gross but I couldnt imagine him going to jail for dating me we were together for a little over 3yrs. Mentally I think he was much younger than me lol. I mean when I was in 10th grade there were kids who were 16 or 17 and I was 15 what if I dated them I guess this will give kids an eye opener cause when your in the same grade and hang out and date u really dont consider the age and that person your dating could go to jail for dating u. Alright this has become a ramble its just something that touches a spot with me.
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