prayers for my brother

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Add my prayers too, Hope. May he recover from this soon.
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I am praying my very best prayers and asking for a miracle. Sometimes you just need to ask and your brother has suffered enough. How sad and scary this must be for you and for him, Hope. Yup, praying for a miracle.

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Sending lots of prayers up for your brother tonight.
It's so very sad. I pray they won't have to amputate.
My poor dad lost a leg from the knee down due to diabetes and a stroke 2 years before he passed away.
Losing his leg was just heartbreaking for us and for him.
We would go visit at the nursing home, and he would just look at each of us and start sobbing. It broke everyone's heart.
Stay positive and let the Lord take your load, sweetie. He is good.
He will take care of your dear brother.
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grateful rca
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hope i'm so sorry that i'm late on this and i'm so sorry to hear about your brother, i'll continue to pray for him and also keep you in my prayers too. i pray that he feels better real soon and for all the care takers, that god will give them wisdom and guidance to get the job done.
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prayers to your brother and the rest of your family, k
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Hope sending prayers for your brother.
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Dear hope213,

Prayers coming for David and you and your family.

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May God bring good health to your brother and peace to him and your family. This is tough. I'm so sorry.
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