My little update...

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My little update...

Oops I first posted this in the wrong forum....I usually visit you guys, not the alcoholics page...

My little update...
My laptop has been broken and so I have used computers here and there to check emails and to read posts but I haven't had much to post myself. Today I have had a long time with a laptop (I actually found my AH's hidden in the garage) and what did I do? I checked his myspace...and what do you know...he had an email from the girl he was cheating with...she is in town and wants to hook up with him. I know for a fact he will but will pretend to me that he is trying to win me back and be faithful. I am mad at myself for reading the email and for still being hurt. I should know better by now.

He was in rehab since I last posted. He actually went. He got kicked out for among other things, fraternizing and having inappriopriate relationships with female patients.

So I am trying to do my thing and walk my walk and take care of my **** and stay out of his, as they say.

Hard sometimes, easier than I could have believed it was going to be at other times. I should never have my laptop fixed. It is like crack to me when it comes to tracking down my husband's indiscretions.

I still haven't filed for divorce because it is easier not to right now. I decided to not decide much of anything. It works for now.

I told my best friend about my AH getting kicked out of rehab and he was furious. Well furious mainly bc someone told his 15 year old friend who happens to be a girl...yeah...and she found out he lied to her. He can't stand when his friends find out what I know, that he is a liar. He blames me. He swears I told someone that told her. Actually, she found out bc stuff like that gets around the music crowd. SOOOO...he says I am not allowed to discuss his recovery or involvement with AA to anyone ever. Is this really true? I am not out advertising any of it but it pertains to my recovery somewhat and I shared with my best friend and my mom. How can that be bad? Just wondering what you guys thought.

I actually started on my inventory and working the steps for real. It is really helping.

Hope all of you guys are doing well.

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Aw Laura,
Once we start digging and find out the bad stuff we knew anyway, it just makes us feel worse.

IMO, you need to kick up your meetings a notch, and get the focus OFF him, and ON you!

Hugs to you, sweetie,
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