I Am Home!!!

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Smile I Am Home!!!

God is so GOOD! I am home. Thank you all SOOOOOOO very much for all the prayers. Today has been a day from He!! I went this morning and was told that they wanted 4 years and they were taking me today to prison. My heart just broke. My lawyer went back in to beg for time for me to go home to kiss and hug my kids goodbye. He came out 20 minutes later to tell me that the judge holds jurisdiction and it has been decided that they will sentance me on July 13th to 4 years but if Im good and behave the judge will call and have me released in 120 days. I nearly jumped on my lawyer. My relief today is so great. I cant even begin to tell you. I will have to go soon. It may be in July or August that they get me a bed date. I am hoping for before August 21 because I want to be home for Christmas. I may miss my sons 3rd birthday on August 20th but I will live with it. I cant have everything my way. I dont know why they changed thier mind on a whim like that but they did. The only thing I can think of is that the power of prayer from this board. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

I got home about 3:30 and I have a headache that is working into a migraine. I will try to post more later on.


Thank you to very much. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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That is great Gwen. Take care of yourself and congrats on your miracle...HP must have been reading SR...lots of POed folks praying for one for you.
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sending you wishes to get through this and get out with the ability to put to practice all the lessons you are learning. This too will pass, and you can come home and be a fantastic mommy for many yrs, to come.
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Gwen Marie,

So happy for you. Amazing the surprises God has for us everyday, isn't it? See, it's all in his timing and it's his plan. And we certainly can't predict what he can do!

Hangin' In
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You're a great Mom, Gwen. I'm so glad to hear that you're home and that the sentence has been reduced. Keep pushing on, hang in there. (((hugs)))
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I cant tell you all how special I feel today after reading all this today from you all. I am at a lack of words. Completely speachless.

Yes Noah this has been one of the biggest miracles of my life today. I cant tell you how my heart felt ripped out of my chest and a sense of total bleakness. I just didnt think I was gonna make it through the day.

I truely love you all.
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I am so happy for you Gwen and was praying for you too, still am
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I just got to a computer and just got through reading the other posts. I'm so happy you've been given this miracle today. You've worked so hard on your recovery and truly deserved something good to happen. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hi Gwen, I too am so very happy for you. It is God's perfect timing not ours. I am so glad that the prayers were answered in such a good way. I don't know why the judge gave you 120days not the 4 yrs but I know he did the right thing. When someone is trying so hard they should be given a chance. I am sure the prayers did alot & I am also sure the judge could see how hard you are trying. I pray the 120 days will pass like a shot & you will soon be home with your children.
Love & Prayers,
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I prayed for peace of mind for you. God is soooo good...Marian
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Gwen, I, too, am happy that you were only given 4 months. I do believe that you have a lot of people that care about you. The miracle of recovery and a life well lived. Anything is possible. Hugs, Marle
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((((Gwen)))) we don't know eachother but I have been crying on and off all day because of what you are going through--
First tears of sadness (shock more like it) then of joy because of their sudden change of heart. I am so happy to log on and see that you are home.
I just can't tell you how so very happy I am for you and for your family.
Just keep doing the next right thing and you're golden!
So so happy for you!!!!
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Happy to hear the good news too! I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep up the good work! Great Big HUGS to you. Enjoy your time at home
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This is good, 120 days. Do they not reduce this time also, for good behaviour so that you might be out in less?

I'm relieved for you Gwen, never doubt the power of prayer.

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I'm so happy for your miracle. God is so good! Still praying for you.
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Glad it all went a bit better than you thought. Heck 120 days is not too much when you look at the overall picture. You'll have years to celebrate your little fellas birthday for years to come once you get over this hard spot.

Plus, he may not even remember THIS birthday, being just his 3rd, but he'll remember them as he gets older.....

Hugs, and prayers
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Gwen - I am soooooo happpy for you, but truly, I have always felt that it would not be as bad as you may have thought. God bless your lawyer for being an advocate for you. I wish it wasn't any time, but I still think that HP has a plan. The power of prayer is incredible...never doubt it. I think you recall the things that happened with my daughter and the ups and downs, but despite the time, it was less than she was told due to work release and good behavior and she really did reach someone there who is finding recovery and learned from others there too....Plus it helped her to appreciate the gifts she has. It isn't something I would want for you or for her, but I have learned not to let my will get in the way of HP's will.

You have been there for me always, and I love and appreciate you so for that. I want you to know you always have my support and prayers. Enjoy each precious day with your kids and I know things will work out fine because you are working to make so many changes. I am so proud of you and your recovery!! Hugs and prayers
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So happy you only have to serve 4 months, instead of 4 years.
How terrified, you must have been. I would have been sh*tting crickets.
Once in, those days will fly right by. Guaranteed.
Your a stronger woman than you give yourself credit for, though.
Look at everything else you've overcome. Tonight, you are admired.
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this is GREAT news.. it really is.
You have worked so hard on your recovery and moved so far forward. You HP knows it.. and is giving you a miracle.
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Gwen, just want to add my prayers and tell you how happy i am for you too. I too was fighting back the tears when we got the news at first but you're right god is sooo good. and for what its worth my ah was in jail for my son's 4th b-day and my son doesn't even remember that now (hes 7 now). big (((hugs))) to you and your family.
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