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Originally Posted by jsjohnson72 View Post
We had been emailing each other back and forth for a week now and he just emailed me and told me he is MARRIED!!! Yeah so owell back to square one but at least I did come out of my shell and actually made an attempt.
Wow, we call that "dodging a bullet" --- can you imagine what it would be like to date somebody who you're never sure isn't going to be following some girl on the road, hoping to hook up with her, even though he has you ? No offense, but that's not what I'd like MY husband to spend his days doing....You could never trust him, you know? I feel sorry for his wife.

Anyway, I just read your thread for the first time and got this big smile on my face. To heck with guys like that. You're right, there ARE other fish in the sea -- loving fish, beautiful fish, smart fish, rich fish (just like dr. seuss........ ) If you love yourself and treat people with dignity and kindness, then when it's time, you will attract the person you're supposed to be with.

Keep up the good work, girl

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I'm no angel!
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Keep moving forward, good to "see" a smile on your face!
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Thanks everyone for the support! I really appreciate it!
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Hi JsJohnson

How fun and exciting. Makes me wish I was young again!

What more could a person ask for a man with goals and a car and a motorcycle???
I think you hit paydirt, girl!

You see there is so much more out there for you! Even if this one doesn't pan out, believe me there are more where that one came from!

Good hunting!

Hugs, Devastated
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