Can He Do This

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Teke, Sending some hugs. Couple years back I tried to have my daughter committed. Even though she was doing drugs, living with a crack addict, was not working or showering or wearing clean clothes, they told me that I could not do that. He is just blowing smoke. Don't buy into it. Marle
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Teke, it sounds like you are afraid to be alone. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your children. If you can't get him to leave, why don't you move out somewhere else? I know it is sooooooooooooo hard to let go, even when there really isn't anything to hang on to.

I hope you have a sponsor, go to some Alanon meetings, and get some local support. They will give you the strength to become your own person.

When you are on the crazy train for so is so hard to get off of it. The jerk is cheating on you, call his new GF and ask her to take him in.

Life is too short to be wasted on someone who is to far into his addiction to give a damn. Big hug.
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Im always late it seems. I just wanted you to know that I think of you everyday and pray for you everyday. I hope you are ok today. Just sending lots of hugs and lots of prayer for you.
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On a tear
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(((Teke))) You are one of the smartest, most centered and serene women I know. You are strong, dedicated, kind and loving. You are rich in experience and hope and love.

Any man who is invited into your life should be forever grateful. And that gratitude should show in his actions toward you.

You deserve a joyous, life filled with love.

Today, please know we love you. (((Teke)))
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Oh Teke, I am so sorry you are going through this. I must have missed some posts or something cuz I didn't know he was living with you again. You know I told you alot about my ex & truthfully I kept trying to hold on even with the gambling. What finally did it for me was him taking up with another woman. ( Now after 30 yrs he is calling me, can u blieve it )
Now you know you are not crazy & though I only know you through SR I know your not crazy. I was the head nurse on a 60 bed locked psych unit for a couple of yrs & believe me I have known crazy. You have helped me so much & I would never give up on you. It is very hard making that break. Maybe this is your HP's perfect timing.
Teke you don't need to be at the mercy of anyone who messes up your head so very much when they are the one that is so obviously messed up. Now girlfriend be strong & please do not let anyone do this to you. I will be praying.
Love & Gentle Hugs,
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Coming in late, and not with advice, just to tell you....we KNOW you are not crazy!!! We LOVE you. You have helped all of us, just by being on this board. We will never give up on you or abandon you!!!! We're beside you, whatever you decide!!!

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Teke, just sending my best wishes and hope and pray you are safe.
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