Can He Do This

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Two words, legal Aid. They should be able to help you.
Take to someone down there in the legal dept. and see if help is available.
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Originally Posted by hello-kitty View Post
I don't know you very well but I have been following your posts and I find this so horrible and bizzarre. And I don't understand why you don't call the police and have him removed from the home? He is on drugs. He is acting aggressive and frightening. Call the police and tell them that. They should come pick him up. I don't understand. I am new here but it seems to me like you are letting him get away with this. Please don't be a victim for anymore days.
I called the police on my ex before because he was this drug seeking robot who kept hounding me for money for HOURS at a time. They came and took him away, just for that!
Call them.
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Teke - At the ending of my xagf and I was indirectly brought into her drug circle I think in an attempt to try and turn me on to drugs. I did not really have a clue at first but i soon found out when being offered crack...No thanks... I was invited to this persons home and had a shotgun pulled on me by the ladies sister who was a Crack master and PURE DE OLE EVIL AND CRAZY...She thought I was there to hurt her in her mind, I was not shot and as I got to know this thing the less I liked her beside the fact she looked and acted like the girl on excorcist. Anyhow they were only able to have her commited In terrel when she threatened herself or others and I think it took the signatures of two direct family members the mother and sister. He will not be able to pull it off with trying to do that to you.
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Teke.... LOTS of good advice above me. Read it as many times as you need to.

And it is ALWAYS ok to come in here and drop "stuff" off... I do it, and so do many others.

Noah is saying some really good things... Thank you, Noah.

And lastly.... hang on, honey... the light is coming.

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Restraining order and womans shelter, please. You can find a new home when you leave the shelter.

Alanon for you and your children. If you do it for anyone, do it for your children, please.
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Geez, I wish there were a magic solution for all.
But for lack of that, how about doing what you need to do just for today.
Today, you need him out.
Tomorrow, you can take steps to make sure he stays out.
One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.
We're walking with you Teke, can you feel us?
You're worth it Teke
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teke, nobody here is going to give up on you.get a restraining order against him. keep him away from you.he is dangerous. who knows who has been in your house?go to your moms for awhile. he is the praticeing addict, he is the one who just got out of rehab, he is the one that is not let him get away with deserve better. keep posting so we know u r ok. you are not alone.i am saying alot of prayers for you.hugs, hope
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Noah is right. To any newcomers...this is the crap you are letting yourselves in for if you don't put yourself first. The craziness is so unbelievable,you really do think you are crazy. EVIL ,SOUL LESS, MANIPULATING, are just a few of the words to describe addiction. TEKE>>>>I am here for you, I have seen the weirdness, you are not crazy.....
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You have demonstrated so many times to all of us here how strong you are. You have been a great example to many of us. Believe in yourself and believe that YOU deserve to be safe and happy. My prayers to you and your family. I like the idea of taking one day at a time; otherwise it might seem overwhelming. Keep you and your kids safe.
HUGS to you. You are in my prayers. You can get through this - I know you can.
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Teke, this man is mentally and emotionally abusive, if not physically. It's time to get away from him any way you can. You can call a woman's shelter and they will help you stay safe while he is removed from your apartment.

It isn't going to get any better any time soon, Teke, but it could get worse. Please get yourself someplace safe.

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Praying for you, Teke.
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Just wanted to say that I am here for you Teke. I believe you'll make the right decision when you're ready.
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I worry. What about when he is ready to be abusive?
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Don't let him do this to you anymore. I think this goes way beyond drugs and addiction. I know he's an addict but he's also an abuser, plain and simple. I lived with one for 25 years, too. It sucks!

I have been reading a book called "Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men" by Lundy Bancroft. There is a chapter in there about the ways that abusers make women think they have gone crazy. It's just another control tactic that he is using against you.

PLEASE get some help. Life is too short to live that way.

We love you!!!!!
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You are fine...there is nothing wrong with you...He can only control you if you let him...We are all here for you sweetie and so is your HP....Look at all the responses you have been receiving...all the love you have here. Don't doubt yourself, Teke...You deserve happiness and a better life. Hugs and prayers.
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Thinking about you this morning and sending you love, tender hugs, and prayers.
You truly need to do some soul searching and figure out how to remove this man from your life. For you, your sanity, and especially for your children.
You don't want them to grow into what this man has become. Witnessing his actions and your reactions, will have them thinking that this is how it's suppose to be.
Not true. I know they're in their teens, but still, seeing the way he is controling you, using, and abusing's just not right.
I pray you are able to get the help you need, with Legal Aid, your local police/sheriff's department, or a woman's crisis center.
You need to get away from this man and get help for yourself and children.
We're here for ya, sweetie. We love you and worry about you.
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IMO, in order to get away from this guy, you need to pack a bag, and go to a womans shelter. This will give you the opportunity to start with a clean slate. The womans shelter can also help you obtain legal help, and give you good advice.
A womans shelter deals with these types of situations all the time, so I'm sure they have good advice.

Okay, Teke, it's up to you.
You DON'T HAVE to make any decisions now.

Take your time, make a plan.
Step by step.
And keep it to yourself.

But Teke, chances are, this situation isn't going to get any better.

Hugs and prayers to you,
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Do you have YWCA there? I know that you want him to help you pay with the bills, but in the meantime you might want to call the YWCA and explain your situation to them. They can help you set up a plan so that when you are ready you can have him removed and apply for a Protection Order so that if he does come back the police have the authority to arrest him. A Protection Order is good for 1 year

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You have all this advice and when you are ready you can use some of it. Everyone here is just worried about you. Not one of us did a thing until we were ready. Yeah we get frustrated when someone that we care about is being hurt, but that is all it is. Not one person here is living your life and therefor none of us will be directly affected by your decisions. No one can really tell you when or how to "let go" Unfortunatly it don't work that way and it sure isn't that easy. I remember thinking that people here must think I don't want to get better...because I keep doing the same thing over and over. I think that is something that we all have felt. It is like we are strong one day then the next day we can crumble. Most of what I felt about what others thought about me, really came from within myself. I know you are loved here and your replys that you give people, help so much. You are "one of a kind" and you are missed. I hope you find "teke" and get her back to SR soon!!! Take care girl, still praying for you.!!
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You've been on my mind. You have helped me out so much and I can honestly say that your recovery is so shiney it's blinding. Don't let this man take that away from you. Don't let him rob you of everything you've worked so hard for.

I'm hoping since you haven't been around today that you have found a safe place. No matter where you go or what you choose to do, don't leave your recovery tools behind. They belong to you and no one can take them away from you.
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