apologies to those invovled with addicts

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Hmmmmmm....a few things I wanted to call my son this very morning:

Twit. Sillyhead. Stoopid. hebetudinous, obtuse, stupid, thickheaded, thick-witted. dimwitted, harebraned. Loony, loopy, daft, cracked, daffy, bananas, batty, buggy, cuckoo, fruity, loco, nuts, screwy,crackers.

And he's not even high today — he's on suboxone. But all the "isms" that go along with the addiction — cynicism, perfectionism, etc– remain out in force. So here's another few:

lousy, rotten, wretched.

beware the a mom of an addict armed with a thesaurus. (!)
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i find personally that keeping in touch with compassion and the humanity of others helps me to remember the little things that help to keep me sane...remembering that my ah is a wonderful person with a terrible disease instead of thinking of him in derogatory terms helps me to keep the first step in front of isn't always easy, of course, but what about life is, really?
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Posts: 478 my opinion...when we are in the thick of someone else's addiction our anger is justified. It could be directed at user friends, dealers,..... Anyone, basically, who enables our addict. But the truth of the matter is we who place the blame are also enablers until we pull ourselves out of the rubble. I remember when I realized that the anger really was at myself. But living in anger is no way to live.
Learn how to let go....truly let go. It's a day by day process...sometimes minute by minute. Hugs!
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I just call him by his name or son, unlsess posting here then it is AS. I don't think I can make him feel any worse about himself than he already does on his own. I've never been one to express Anger in this situation except the very 1st time I knew there was a prob. because of stolen checks + lies. He hasn't lived with me since. I do understand how nif you had an active user in your home it would be easy to go from normal to raging Bitch in 10 seconds.
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I've called my exabf every name in the book...........and a few are probably illegal in some countries. Looking back at it, I was angry........very angry and in a lot of pain. I never thought to realize the pain he was in at the time. When I began to learn more about addiction I realized I wasn't the only only one angry and hurt. It took some time, but I've been able to forgive myself and him for all those ugly word exchanges we passed on to eachother. I learned not to hate the addict. I now hate the disease.
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