need some advice

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need some advice

My wife has had an ongoing problem with vicodin, percs, etc... . She's tried meetings but always relapses and now she tells me that she wants to do methadone to get her off the opiates. I'm scared that she"s jumping from the frying pan into the fire with this. I work nights and wtach our kids during the day when she can't handle it. i'm gettin tired and really need help
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Hi Macirish, Welcome!

I'm sorry your having such a rough time.

I don't know much about Methadone, but i have a friend who is on it to get off heroin and it kind of seems to me that he is permanently on Methadone now. He has been for years. I'm sorry I can't help you with advise about that but there are lots of people on this site who have more experience with these drugs you mention. I'm sure one of them will come along soon.

In the meantime, know that you are not alone, there's a lot of people here who can help and understand.
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Welcome, I understand how difficult this is and how tired and drained you feel. I can also understand your feelings about isn't something to consider lightly, but it is her decision to make. I learned pretty quickly once I started posting here and going to Naranon meetings that I could not control my daughter's addiction or her recovery. I could only work on me.
I think methadone and suboxone can be a great help or can be a further problem...So much depends on the addicts commitment to recovery. I hope you will stick around and read and share. We do understand your pain.
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Welcome MacIrish. There's a lot of good info and support here. Hope you'll stick around and keep reading and posting. Be sure to read the sticky posts at the top of the board. Also, I've also seen posts on the "Substance Abuse" forum here about the topic you posted.

Remember the 3 C's of addiction.... you didn't Cause it, you can't Control it, you can't Cure it.
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Welcome MacIrish,
Welcome to Sober Recovery.
I don't know much about Methadone, but to me, it's a positive sign for her to be discussing alternative methods to beat her pill addiction.

I do know that she has to help herself. There is nothing you can say or do to make her stop using, it's all up to her.

What are you doing for you?
Attending any Alanon, or Naranon meetings?
They're great for support, and focusing on you.

keep posting, we're all here for you,
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I have a friend whose brother is on methodone. It is very hard because methodone is not the same as being sober. Many folks end up trying to get off the methodone because it does not allow them to function fully.

Typically methodone is used to avoid the severe withdrawal symptoms of quitting heroine. I might suggest you contact a doctor or even call up a local rehab facility to get some specific information about methodone (or a local methodone clinic). Doing methodone instead of vicodin may indeed be jumping from the frying pan into the fire - it IS a narcotic.

One other suggestion... my niece was really addicted to meth. What finally helped her was going to a therapy group to deal with underlyng mental health issues that caused her to use in the first place. This was more critical to her recovery even than treatment (which she also did). You might ask your wife to try counseling to prevent relapse.

Sending prayers for you that you wife finds a better way.
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Repeat/copy this post of yours over on the substance abuse forum because those folks will now about drugs and methadone treatment.
In my mind, as a non addict, quitting is quitting and methadone is substituting. See what the addicts know and think.
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Mac - I am with you, i don't know that her choice is the right answer. I would recommend you get help for yourself and your children. I don't know if family or friends are available but if they are they can help you. I feel terrible for you but there just is not a known right course of action, the only one that can bring your loved one back to you is your wife with proffessional help and a program.
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macirish, welcome to S.R. i am so glad you are here. i do not know much about methadone treatment.i hear it works for some & others if doesn't. i just want to say there is plenty of help here for you & so many that are going thru what you are.keep coming back & learn what you can do for yourself & your children.any kind of drug abuse is hard core & it takes a lot of work that only your wife can do to get herself off of the pills.that is her recovery. i will pray for her,you & your children. read all the sticky at the top of the forum.
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I used to have a lot more judgements about methadone (oh hell, let's be honest....about EVERYTHING... smile).

What I know today is that only the addict knows how desperately hard they have REALLY tried. It is her decision.

Meetings help me keep my boundaries clear - they are about ME, about what *I* can handle and what *I* need.

I hope you can find some Alanon or Naranon meetings in your area... and maybe go to about 6 to see if they help you.

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Yep...what the others said...its her call.
Short of just quitting (oh if it were only that easy) It seems that those that try to design their own path often stumble. Its almost like looking for the magic bullet, expecting something to "work" rather than doing the work.
You may want to recommend to your wife that she gets a professional opinion...addiction Doctor, rehab center etc. There's a few different methods, recommendations and plans of treatments available, depending on what suits her best.
None of them work, however, without the desperate desire to quit.
Wish the both of you the best
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nice to meet you, macirish. my daughter is an alcoholic/addict and alanon meetings and private counseling really helps me. keep posting! k
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has she thought about an implant? methadone will make her seem high, she'll be on it for who knows how long. just my opinion! the implants are covered by most insurances, it last for 3 months then you can get another if needed. no side effects like methadone. as I said just my opinion
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It's nice to know that there is a community of people to speak with who share common experiences. My shoulders can carry alot of weight, but its nice to share every now and then. I honestly appreciated everyones welcome and insight into a world i honestly never thought I'd have to visit. It's easy for the addict to find support groups but was near impossible in my area to find anything that gave a voice to me.
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remember to breathe
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I have found some of the best wisdom in this room!!
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