My daughter's name

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Smile My daughter's name

Whenever I talk about my daughter, I always call her my AD. I like reading Teach's threads because she talks about her son as Trevor. That makes him seem more like a person to me. So I have decided to use my daughter's name sometimes. Maybe not all the time at first. Her name is Megan Ann, a name I picked because it sounded beautiful to me and she was such a beautiful baby. Anyway I just thought I would put that out here. So now when you add her to your prayers, you can say a prayer for Megan. Hugs, Marle
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thank you so much for sharing her beautiful name. Its funny, I am paranoid that I will be "recognized", even though everyone I know, "knows"....
big hug, jeepgirl
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That is a beautiful name Marle. ((Megan Ann)) Knowing her will make my prayers for her more personal as well. Thank you for sharing this.
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I love that name and thank you for sharing her name with us. Prayers for Megan Ann and many hugs.

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Thank you for sharing that part of you. Keep that beautiful thought with you...
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That is a beautiful name, one of my favorites. And you're right marle, it does seem to make her much more real. Thanks for sharing, I know to put that in front of you in black and white is not an easy thing for you to do.
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Thank you for sharing your daughter's beautiful name...I have had a special place in my heart for her and for you since I have "known" you here. My daughter is Megan too. I hope your Megan finds her time soon. I know when she does, she will find her way back to you as well. Hugs and prayers for you and Megan Ann.
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Now I won't have to pray for "marle's daughter", I can pray for Megan.
God bless,
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Thank you for sharing your daughter's beautiful name. I love that name.
My son is Jason Anthony.
Keeping Megan in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Love ya,
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(((Megan Ann))))

(((All the SR Children)))
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Marle, that is a beautiful name and it does make it more personable. My as's name is John Francis. Keeping all of our children in our prayers.
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Prayers for John Francis, Jason Anthony, Greet's Megan, Trevor and all our SR children. Hugs and thanks, Marle
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Prayers for all our children, named and anons alike. There is much power in the prayers of determined moms.

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i love megan as a name, it is very pretty.thaanks for sharing. i have not gotten to the point of sharing names but it is a good gesture.hugs, hope
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Aww real name is Margaret Ann but I go by Meg. So many people call me Megan because I would say my name was "Meg Ann"

btw my AH's name is Michael Bryan but I usually just call him "Mike" or "AssHat" LOL just kidding...
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Hmmm, "M"arle....and "M"egan. Looks like you two have that "M" thing going on.

MMMMMavelous that you shared her precious name with us, Marle. Thanks. Prayers are now for Megan.

Hangin' In
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Beautiful name, and I'm sure beautiful girl.

Prayers for Megan, and all the Sober Recovery children...
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Upon being "guided" to this forum...I used AS, in place of a name, but...

within months.... I realized, I preferred to post about my son by name....Luke...who by the way is doing wonderful!!!

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Megan Ann is such a pretty name, Marle.
My prayers go out for Megan and all the SR children.
Much love..
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I don't use my son's name for many reasons, most of them about anonymity for him, but I think it's good to think of these people by name instead of category.

Megan Ann is a beautiful name and will be in my prayers now as herself.

And for those who cannot post names, I KNOW that God knows who Hangin's daughter and Moose's boys are and all the others who I pray for each day.

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