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Hi Excusesatl!

We can be newbie's together!! Yeah when I was sitting in his parking lot for a 1/2 hour being physco is when I realized what the hell am I doing? Why am I acting like this? This isn't healthy. That is when I knew I needed to end it. I don't like the person he makes me turn into when he does stuff like that.

We are strong we can do it!! Just need to stick together!!
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just want to welcome you to S.R... you have choice in life same as your b.f. the choice you make is up to you.if you chose to stay with him you will be doing this the rest of your life. they can get clean & stay clean but they r still an the stickys at the top of the forum.learn to take care of you prayers , hope

welcome to you also excusesat, start a thread & introduce to meet ya.
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Your right jsjohnson72, I see we both joined around the same time. I can feel you when you stated that you do not like person he makes you. Sometimes, I find myself just seeking some way to make him feel the ways that he make me feel. Then, a voice comes to me stating, why would you do that, that is not you. I want to make a change so bad. I really like myself and I am seeking to get back with our person.
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Dear Js,

Originally Posted by jsjohnson72 View Post
Just wanted to check in and tell everyone how I have been doing. I have had no contact with him still. Has been since Monday so that is good for me! I told him on Monday that this time I am going to be really strong. So far so good.

Welcome to SR! Congrats on having "No Contact" with your boyfriend since Monday! I know how hard that is. It's a huge deal!

A couple of books that help me to stay within my own personal self are "Mars and Venus on a Date by John Gray" and "What Men Really Want by Herb Goldberg".


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Hi Excusesatl,

Welcome to SR. You might want to start your own thread so that others will see that you are new and get the chance to welcome you.

Originally Posted by excusesatl View Post
Hi Jsjohnson72,
I quickly scanned through a Co-Dependency book at Barnes & Nobles (a bookstore; free read time in store); I too noticed that I am a co-dependent. At first, in my relationship I was not in this stage; after losing control while working on my job, I later learned that I have grown to be co-dependent. It is not a good feeling, after finding out I am additive in many ways I cannot seem to pick myself up. Just say I do not know what direction to take to bring myself back. I left my husband because I lost myself in the relationship, so this is a long going habit for me being co-dependent. But, I feel okay to know that I am not alone and there is support.
Welcome Again!

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