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Yes. That is why my XABF smokes. If he contracts lung cancer, he will blame it on the asbestos in car brakes before he will say it is drugs.

He had a heart attack in 2003. He has cholesterol issues and his is very hard to control. He takes a LOT of medication. He has read about the "pluses" of medical MJ and thinks it is good for him.

Hmm.. Every Dr. I have talked to has said that ANY smoking after a Heart Attack is bad for you. It is the physical process of introducing smoke to your lungs. Hemoglobin releases the CO2 molecue in your lungs and replaces it with an O2 molecule.

When you smoke, this CO2 molecule is replaced by Nicotine (if you are a cigarette smoker) or TCH if you are a pot smoker. Some of the O2 is replaced by CO.. which the Hemoglobin CANNOT release when it gets back the lung (CO bonds tighter than CO2.. that is why Carbon Monoxide poisoning can kill you even after you are removed to fresh air).

Because the TCH is inyour blood stream attached to the Hemoglobin, you get high from smoking MJ. You increase the affect by holding the smoke in your lungs (so you O2 starve your body but increase the TCH molecules attached to the Hemoglobin). This causes the heart to work even harder in an O2 deprived state... and that is bad, especially after a heart attack.

So, you smoke a cigarette or a joint you render some Hemoglobin completely useless from CO and you reduce the O2 by replaceing the CO2 with either Nicotine or TCH depending on what you smoke...

That, for me, is enough. Never touched a cigarette or pot.

Lungs and heart are way too fragile for me to be messing wtih purposely adding a toxin to that system! Same goes for Liver and Kidneys.. and how your body clears toxins. This knowledge had me walk away from drugs and alcohol. I do have a glass of wine now and then, but that is rare and I do not do this to excess.
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I think I've commented on this before, but I'll comment again. I smoked weed back in the 70's, but then I grew out of it and got busy with college, work, etc. I've known many people in my life who smoke it on occasion with no intereference to their work or relationships or the segue into hard drug usage. However, for some people it just doesn't work that way and either they start using harder drugs, or they just become unmotivated losers who never have ambition in life; which may be ok, because someone has to work at McDonald's, right? Plus it makes it easier for those of us who AREN'T unmotivated losers to get ahead.
SHould pot be legal? I think so, and controlled like alcohol. Personally, I think that alcohol is WAY more detrimental that pot in every way imagineable, but we all know how the Volstead Act turned out.
AS far as the abuse to your body, yes, any particles that are introduced into your lungs are bad for them. Like Elana said, so I won't repeat it. HOwever, cigarettes are FAR more addictive and because of the copious amounts of particles that are taken into the lungs when a cigarette smoker smokes their pack or two a day, and the detrimental and well-documented effects that smoking has on the human body I belive that cigarettes should be outlawed.
This is a subject that is hotly debated in many different circles and there obviously there is no definitive answer.
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My son is addicted to pot. He didn't finish high school, can't and/or won't hold a job and has no ambition to do anything for longer than a couple days. He wants to move back to his own home state because the pot is much better there and hang out with his old buddies (all heavy pot smokers). He says that he is not addicted but he choices to smoke and sees nothing wrong with it. I see my son going nowhere fast and am furious that so many people treat pot like it is no big deal. I told my boss about my son and he said that he smokes weed with his daughter several times a week. Great example.
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it can indeed be phsyically additing my ex is a weed addict... and he plays that 'its not a drug card all the time" just an exsuse to keep doing it.. blah
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