AS coming home on Thursday or Friday

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AS coming home on Thursday or Friday

As is being released from rehab tomorrow or Friday. I really can't say I'm excited. It sounds terrible, but it's true. Everything will probably be fine for a little while, but I can't help but think it's not over. I truly hope I'm wrong. I know he wants to find a full time job that will keep him really busy. I guess so he doesn't think about using as much.

I just hope he can cope with the real world. It seems like he always has all of these visions and hopes, says he's going to get a good job, save money for a car, etc., but as soon as he has his first paycheck it all goes downhill. This is the longest he's ever been away from home, (since mid-Feb), so maybe it's for real this time.

But I've made up my mind, that I'm not going to follow him around like I used to. I've got to get it through my head that it's his fight. But one thing I will do, is continue to hide my money and pocketbook. Old habits die hard. Especially when you've been burned as many times as we have, and all of you who are living with addicts. Wish me luck and prayers. I'll keep you posted.
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I know exactly what you are going through. A few days ago my daughter came home. I could tell she was clean. Monday was her b-day and she stayed home all day and didn't lock herself in her room. We had a nice day together. I bought her some girlie things that she loved. She took a shower, did her hair, put one her new earrings and make-up and felt good. We had her favorite pizza for dinner and talked and laughed. I didn't bring up drugs once. It was a good day.
Now I am back to worrying again. Last night she went to an amusement park with her friend (not a drug user). She spent the night at his place. She called and told me where she was. She hasn't come home yet and I'm getting anxious. I don't want to call her and follow her around. I hate this. It is so hard when they live with you. Half the time she doesn't live here. She lives like a gypsy.......goes from place to place and crashes wherever. Very dysfunctional. Even when she is clean, she is still dysfunctional. This is so hard...........I wish she had a place to call her own. Things would be better for both of us if she didn't live here. I'm just so tired of it all. Please keep her and I in prayer.

Prayers to you and your son...............Lo
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That's how I feel. It's great when their not at home, but you know there safe. When he's home it's like a tornado blew through the front door. I can take the tornado and his goofy undrug related habits, but I really do wish he had a place to call his own. He could have went back to his friend's house, but he said he'd rather be home. I kind of feel terrible that I wish he was going to friend's house.

Oh well, maybe I'm worrying for nothing. We'll see.
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Dear Louise, My heart goes out to you. I know how very much you want to see him in recovery. I feel the same way about my AS. I think you are right though about staying detached this time........there is absolutely nothing we can do to help them. It is entirely up to him if he wants to stay clean & no matter what you do it won't make a difference if he decides to use. Keep detached, that is the best thing I can say.
I hope he stays clean this time. I will keep him in my prayers.
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Louise, I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that all goes well and you see a new and better person.

We're walking beside you no matter how this turns out.

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I'll be keeping you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.
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I hope this was his time. It is so hard to trust, but I learned this line on CSI:Miami--trust, then verify!
praying for the best,
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Sending prayers up for your son tonight.
Extra prayers for you, as well.
Set your boundries. Stick to'em.
It's gonna be okay. Your gonna be okay.

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Louise, Usually it works best if ASs go into a Sober Living home upon release from rehab which maybe you could pay for a month and then he would be req. to pay cuz he'll have one month to get a job.Have you considered this? Just a thought. I understand why you're nervous. It is just not "natural" the way addicts live their lives and it is hard to be around them without feeling like we're walking on eggshells.I pray this will be his time to get sober and stay that way.
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prayers and support, k
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This a a bag of mixed feelings and we do understand it. I pray that all will go well for you both. I care.
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hope every thing will be good with him this time around. money is a mind alter. you sound good.i am saying a prayer for your son. hugs,
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Sending my prayers and keeping everything I can crossed.
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I Know How You Feel. Its So Hard To Be Hopeful, When You Think Youve Seen The Movie And You Know The Ending. So, Since I Don't Know Your As, Ill Be Hopeful For You ,and Him. I Pray This Is Really" His Time". Like I Read So Many Times On This Board And Sometimes Is My Only Hopeful Thought About My As Is, "you Never Know When Their Time Will Be , It Could Be Today" And Like You Said It Is His Fight, To Find His Time.
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I was the same way when my daughter was on drugs, she stole from me alot, I was even blaming her when I'd misplace something, it took 4 trips to rehab, but she's off them now and doing great, for along time afterwards I was still wondering if she was stealing from me, I feel that way less and less each time I see her now. Good luck to you.
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