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New Here

I am new here as of tonight. I have a 20 yr old son in active addiction. He has been through 4 outpatient programs, 1 inpatient and was placed on drug court 12 days ago and is now back in jail for 30 days for 2 dirty UA's during the 12 day period that he was out of jail. He has lied, manipulated and absolutly driven me to insanity. I am glad to find a place to talk.
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Welcome Bandolier
Sorry for the reason you are here, but glad you found SR. This site and these sweet people have helped me deal with my 20 yr old daughter. Her DOC was/?is cocaine. Many people here who will give great advise.
Your son has to want to be in recovery. Not forced. We tried many things with my daughter. Finally she wanted recovery for her; not for us.
Keep posting and reading. Prayers are with you and your son. I know this is hard for you. Wish we could all just "love them" into their recovery.
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Glad you found your way to SR.
I have an addict son, who was on probation. He was doing exceptionally well for about 10 months, then one day, it all went down hill.
He lost his job because he stayed up all night drugging and didnt' wake up till the next day was over.
It went straight to hell from there. Within 4 months, he was so drugged out, no job, kicked out of a rehab, that his probation officer took him back to jail. He'll do 3-5 years. What a waste of life.
It is so sad to see our children in jail.
The bad thing is I have another younger son in jail too.
So, I have had "double trouble". The stress and heartache was KILLING me. You know the stress I am talking about.
Alanon helps and so does SR. I have found peace that I would never have found before. I can let go of my sons with love. They have to learn the ultra hard way because there will never be help from me again. All it did was give them fuel to continue the crime sprees and drugging.
Come back often. There's a lot here and so much support.
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Hello the addict in my life is my 21 yr old daughter... You've came to the right place there are people here that have gone through the same things an they are real helpful they give good advice an best of all they offer alot of support. As for me I'm still learning an trying to follow though on what I've learned.
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Bandolier, Welcome to SR. My addict is my 21 year old daughter. Only child. Been addicted to opiates for about 2 and 1/2 years. Currently living in a seedy motel with her 37 year old crack addict boyfriend. He buys all her drugs. I was as insane as she was when I found SR. Currently doing well given the circumstances. Stick around and post, share your experiences and we will share with you. Lots of good people here who will help you through the pain of loving an addict. Hugs, Marle
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hello & welcome to S.R. there are alot of us mothers here with addict son is also the addict in my life.this site & my recovery has saved me. you can not save your son but you can save your self. read the stickys at the top of the forum "what addicts do". my son has been using crack for arond 15yrs. i got into recovery only 3yrs ago. it only gets worse with the addicts as if progresses. it is a sad, long journey with them.he has been in rehabs more times than i can remmeber,in & out of prison & is waiting trial in 2 different counties as i is heart breaking but i have my support.i have turned my son over to my H.P.i realize there is nothing i can do.i have spent 1000's & 1000's of dollars on lawyers,bails, & rehabs hopeing that would be his bottom,his last go around never realizeing that he has got to want to get better, it does not matter what i is let go or get dragged.keep coming are not alone.i will say a prayer for you & yopur son,.
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Hi, welcome to SR. I have found more hope, encouragement and understanding here in the last two weeks than anywhere the last 4 years. Know you ARE NOT alone! My daughter is 23, just today in a rehab center. Like Marle said, I was insane over the loss of my daughter too. Just being able to talk to those that walk my path as well as those that have completed the walk, and some wonderful young people who made it through give me hope, compassion and friendship. I pray you will find it here too.
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Welcome Bandolier... another mom here. Both kids - son 22 and daughter 20. Daughter's meth addiction (from ages 12 until we found out at 17) nearly took me off the planet... today she is sober (thank you God!). Son is addicted to pot and alcohol and though he tried a year of recovery and lived in an Oxford House following rehab, he has decided to go back out and do some more "controlled drinking and using".

The thing that helped me most was Alanon and posting her at SR.

I wish you the best! ((hugs))
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Welocme to Sober Recovery.

I am the mom of a addict sons, it's been a long hard road, but both are sober for today. They have both been through multiple rehabs, prison, homeless....

But...both are sober today.
Keep the hope.

Glad you found us.
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trying to mend
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welcome to SR!

I can't think of a thing to say that hasn't been said already.

This place is my santuary when things get really bad for me. guilty feelings, blaming myself, trying to help my addicted son (something you simply can't do but I keep trying)

People here understand because we have all experienced what you are experiencing.

Keep coming back, and if you live in an area where you can go to an alanon or naranon meeting, that would be really helpful too.
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Welcome to SR!!! Another mom of an addict here. We walk together down this road and somehow that makes it just a leetle easier.

Glad you found us. Post lots and often, you will meet a lot of people like us that understand. Some are new, some have been travelling down this road longer and have great advice and support.

Again, welcome
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Welcome. Keep on talking and read all the stickies at the top of the forum.

Read and read.. and there is so much support here it is beyond belief. This place and the folks here literally saved by bacon (or my broccoli if you are a vegetarian!)
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Welcome, Bandolier.

Another mom here. My 25 yo son is the addict in my life.
Glad you found sr. Keep comin' back.
We're here for ya.
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