omg - the lil guys are gone...

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omg - the lil guys are gone...

i'm sad, i'm sick, i'm relieved, i'm crying, i miss the lil guys...

my sister jen and her bf jeff came at 9:00pm monday nite and called to say they wanted to talk to lil guys - i was at a meeting and my husband talked to them - he told them the kids were sleeping - call tomorrow - they said they were coming to take the kids - husband told them they better not show up here - they aren't welcome and he had a gun (he does but its' an old riflez) husband called me on my cell and todl me they called - i came home and within 15 minutes police were here - no lights or anything just here - officer explained that jen and jeff called the police and told them they wanted their kids - police came and sister and jeff were in the parking lot of our neighborhood pool with another officer - police were here for 2 hours trying to not let them take their kids home - without an interstate compact being followed and me having permanent custody of the kids tehre was nothing they could do - they were on the phone with dcfs for an hour - cps here in indiana for a long time - nothing they could do - no o ne wanted responsability of these two lil guys -

two lil guys who's parents have talked to them 4 times in the last almost 4 months...

two lil guys who's parents spent $75,000 - a one time disability payment - in three months and sent $100 so i could see they were *serious* about their kids...

two lil guys who cried for the first three days they were here and didn't want to take a tub or go home because their house had no hot water and mom and dad were sick...

two lil guys who made me cry, frustrated me, but loved being here...

two lil guys who can't protect themselves, the 4 yr old doesn't know his numbers...

two lil guys who shared everything with our family and became part of our family for almost 4 months...

two lil guys who had food locked in the basement from them because their mom thought they were *selfish brats* only 3 months ago...

two lil guys who i promised i would protect and couldn't...

two lil guys who i love d like my own got put in a van at 12:30 monday nite and got taken to a home that was condemned a few weeks ago - by parents who were using crack a month ago - to live without money or their *crocies* ...

can you please pray for dylan and logan - you all thought of them so often - you can't imagine how hard this is on me or my family - my 18 yr old might just go into civil justice courses in college because of this - i have a feeling i will never see them or my sister again...

*( the kids all had those crocs and my sister wouldn't take any of their clothes wtih them - they didn't need my *crap*)
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Oh Honey! I am so sorry! Fight for those kids.....please.....they need someone to fight for them. I will be praying for those little fellows.....we are here for you!!!!
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OMG I am so so sorry. I hope and pray that they can come back to you. What legal avenues have you tried?
((HUGS)) for you and them.
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I'm sorry for you, but more for the babies. I know they miss you and the life they shared w/ you. Could you go to CPS or court or somthing and get them back? Somone has to help.
you are in my prayers
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Keep on CPS so they check on them often I hope the parents are serious about recovery and being good parents. Poor lil guys didnt deserve this. I will keep them in my thoughts.
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Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for you and the boys. My prayers are going out directly for both of them.

I still have the hope your sister will be calling you, or the police...(maybe they can keep you informed?)

I think your sister will call you, because she doesn't remember that 2 small children have a way of tying an addict down.

Prayers, and big hugs...
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Oh Boy...I'm so sorry.

It sounds like everything happened so quickly, there was little time to react.
Take a deep breath, step back, look at the situation rationally (as possible...I'm not sure any of it could be termed "rational")

Is there anyone that can be called...are you in a position to fight this...can you?

Honey, I'm so sorry...I can't imagine the emotions you're feeling right now.

The only thing that comes to mind is the serenity prayer...
And I'll certainly be adding my prayers

((((you and those precious babies)))

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itis, like i said earlier- praying hard for the lil guys, if there is anything left you can do to fight to get them back, do it. they do not deserve that kind of life, no child does. i hope they are serious about changing for the boys sake. i can't even imagine how you're feeling, i have no words of comfort only that i'm thinking of you.
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prayers going up for the lil guys and you.
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My heart goes out to you, I know you are hurting, wish I could say some magic words that would help. Will be praying that the boys are kept safe. Like the others have said call CPS so they will check on them, also if she would have your Mother call them with 2 of you telling them maybe they'd be more apt to do something, don't know but it's worth a shot. Were they reported before ?
Again I'm so sorry for you an the kids that this has happened. It pisses me of the way some of these so called Mothers act, they don't take care of their kids, choose drugs an boyfriends over the kids. Then cry an carry on about how someone tried to stop them from taking them. My daughter is the same way with her son an it makes me sick. If they think their damn drugs are so important then why not at least let the kids be with people that love them an take care of them. Sorry it's just a sore subject for me.
Stay strong !!
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Not even sure what to say right now. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope there is something that can be done for those boys.
Praying for you all.
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I have so many emotions over your post...

I can only imagine what you must be feeling.
Please know that you and the boys are in my heart and prayers tonight. Please God, protect those precious children...send out an extra army of guardian angels to watch over them and protect them...wrap them in your loving care and keep them safe from harm of any kind.

I don't know if there is anything you can do...I hope there is...but if it turns out that there is nothing you can do right now, please know that you have been a true angel to those precious children and trust that your HP will make things right for them. Sometimes all we have is faith...I hope yours will carry and sustain you.

We're all here for you...and we all care so much for you and the boys.
Loving hugs to all of you tonight....
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Prayers for your whole family and especially for the boys.
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I am so sorry for you and the little boys.Old people and babies really have a way at tugging at my heartstrings. These precious babies deserve so much better.

Lets all storm the gates of heaven with prayer for these babies.

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Praying for those little ones...God will watch over them. I pray your sister calls and realizes what's best for her kids.
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I am so sorry, you and the children are in my prayers.
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Adding my prayers for the little ones. I don't understand the why but I do know this kind of thing happens way too much. Hugs, Marle
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Keep praying and definately keep and touch with CPS, so if they need foster care you'll be on their minds.

If she didnt want them to take their things....
...she's not thinking of them. I really think it will be a matter of time

I am sooo sorry
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I'm sorry this has happened. I'll be keeping you and the little ones in my prayers.
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Adding my prayers as well. I am just speechless........
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