omg - the lil guys are gone...

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Did I understand you to say you have permanent custody of them?

If so, this maybe easily remedied. I lived most of my life in Indiana. CPS is useless, but my daughter works for a judge and I can call her because I think she can tell me how to get the court order enforced the most expedient way.

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I am so very sorry for what's happened to those poor babies.
How selfish can they be? Those boys would do so much better in a stable environment. I can't believe it. Try to stay strong and take things one day at a time. I pray they are back with you very soon.


Gracious God, in the vulnerability of a child, we recognize our own fragility. In their tender innocence, we are reminded that life is meant to be lived with curious and joyful abandon. Help us, who are no longer children, to retain the freshness of childhood and to be the protectors and mentors of those whose lives are just beginning. May we see in their eyes the clear window of heaven. Guide us in the ways to keep all children safe and in your great love, O Lord, hold them in your peaceful embrace so they are not overcome by loneliness, fear, or danger. We ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.
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Oh hon, this rocks me. I know what you have put into these boys and I know how much this hurts.

I do not believe in coincidence. There is some reason that these boys need to be with their parents. It may be that this experience will be the one that wakes your sis out of her complacency. It may be that this really IS her time, and she is ready to "go forward" in sobriety and recovery.

We can't know the future - ever. I spend a LOT of time wondering about "what ifs"... time "future tripping". Thankfully, I've been wrong - a lot.

I hope you can pray for peace and serenity during this painful time. That your Higher Power will let you in on His plan and give you the strength and comfort you need to walk through this time. And I am praying for you and those boys right now... right this minute.

That whatever the plan is - it becomes apparent and that you can be filled with peace and calm while it is working itself through.

Now, more than ever, you might get yourself to some meetings. Double up, if you already attend.

But know we are praying for those boys and for you ... and even for your sister.

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god this just tore my heart apart. I am praying for your nephews, sister and the boys dad. Praying that they take care of their little boys right, pray that if they cant that they see it and bring them back to you.

Pryaing for you to have strength at this time, and hope that some way your able to get these boys back.

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Hate so much that this has happened.

What a heart breaking picture of two precious little boys.

I'm fighting back the tears as I read this post.

Please know all of you are in my thoughts & prayers.

Wishing you peace and safety for Dylan & Logan,
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My heart breaks for you Itis. And for those boys. Just pray and I will too that they have a better life than what they did before. If its any consolation at least we think the parents have been clean for a few weeks. I think Id also make every phone call to the CPS or social service worker in their area. And I had just a thought enter my mind. At least the parents loved them enough to even want them back. Even with as little contact they had there was still something. At least you can rest your mind that they are loved, just not the way you loved them. I am praying also that the sister will call you or something to let you know how the boys are doing after some time has pasted.

I am so sorry Itis.

Know that the angels are watching over them too.
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you & those lil guys are still in my prayers. i hope they get to come back to you somehow. rest in peace that you did all you could & you do not have any control. call social services,maybe they can take them because of where & how they are living.i am so sorry about all of this. hugs,
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