daughter called for help--anyone out there?

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daughter called for help--anyone out there?

Tonight at 10pm. She was crying, had been beaten up (again) saying she needed help. I asked what kind of help and she said "more than you know" I calmly (a first for me) told her I had tried and failed and she had to help herself. She said she was afraid she was going to die and wanted to go to rehab. I told her I would take her there.

Called the place I had spoken to 7 weeks ago and they didn't have a female bed. Here in Dallas, there is a psych hospital you can voluntarily enter or w/ court order. A social worker friend told me to take her there as they can hold her 72 hrs.

I picked her up, the creep had left. She came out w/ two small grocery bags of stinkky "clothes". Actually looked ok, dark circles and chewing her fingernails. She said she has been doing "cheese" and was scared. I started to talk, explain, preach, then stopped--I am learning. She ask about different family members, cried, said she was sorry. I said over and over I love you no matter what.

We got to the center and buzzed in. She told the RN the same thing she had told me. The nurse was very kind. She will be in the psych er for 23 hrs, sitting in a chair. She said they would "probably" put her on detox protocol. I asked which one and she said each MD had there own.

So, she is there. I will sleep good tonight. I did stop and get her something to eat on the way.

Please keep her in your prayer. I know God has been working behind the scene and hopefully she is ready to listen and work through her pain.

The center will help find a rehab if they say she needs it (!!). She is still on my insurance, but sometimes the better programs around here are for those w/o. If anyone knows of a good program in TX, please let me know. Mostly, please keep her in your prayers--I believe in the power of prayer.

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(((Cailessnana)))) Prayers going up!! I wish you the best... enjoy the good night's rest, I know how precious those are.
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It is my prayer that this is truly her time.
And yours too...

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Oh I am so sorry for all you have had to go through but so glad your AD is getting help. I will be praying she has reached her bottom and this is the beginning of her recovery. I also am a believer in the power of prayer.
Your recovery is strong. Enjoy your rest you have more than earned it.

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Sending prayers. Sounds like she may have hit her bottom. Hoping she is begining her journey towards recovery. You handled things beautifully.
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Sending some really big prayers her way. Hope this is her time. Prayers for you too. Stay strong even though I know that this is hard. Hugs, Marle
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Sending my prayers that she is ready for her recovery. You did great even with it bring hard to do. She called and asked for help so that is a good sign. Her HP is working.
Hugs coming to you
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Isn't it a wonderful reprieve when we know they are safe ....even if it's only for 24 hours. Prayers going out for you my friend!
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It is great when you know that their safe. Maybe this time she hit her rock bottom and has had enough. My as is currently in rehab since 5/9 and they authorized him to stay at least until 6/14. This is the longest he has ever been in rehab and I'm hopeful. At least I know he's getting the help he needs. He's never gone to this many meetings either,and now he's starting to tell me things about the disease and recovery. I hope it sinks in. My prayers are with you. Stay strong.
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I can really relate to your situation. Was in exactly the same place with my AD 6 weeks ago. She spent 4 days in the mental health unit and is now in therapy , has meds to take and for right now seems to be doing pretty good.
I pray that your daughter has reached the point of wanting recovery more than drugs.
It's so hard to wait for them to figure it out and ask for help. You did great handling the situation and I know how hard it is to just shut up!
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I'm praying too! I believe in the power of prayer as well! You did great ((((((calieesnana)))))))!
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I am so happy she called you, and you got a good nights rest!
Hopefully she is on the journey to recovery...

Hugs, and prayers for you, and your daughter,
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prayers going did wonderful, so loving and strong. ~Nitelite
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I'm so glad she decided to reach out to you last night.
My prayers that this is her time. It's definitely your time to shine.
You did wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself and the way you handled
the situation.
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I am so happy that she called you. You and I know the power of prayer.
You did a good job. I'm praying that she will get through her detox and head down the right road.

God bless.............Lo
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Peace Hope Love
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sending prayers your way and her way/M
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Maybe this will be her turning point.
She's safe now. Prayer coming your way for peace and for healing.
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Lots of prayers and hugs for both of you. I wish my AD had or would do that!

Your recovery is shining so bright! You should be very proud of yourself and your daughter is a very lucky young lady!!!

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It is great taht for now she is safe. If she is serious about goign to rehab, and you can afford it, try to find one that has a special program for opiate addiction. Also, she'll need to have a liver scan (they might do that in detox) because cheese is usually made with acetominephan-based cold pills or just plain old Tylenol.
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I suspect this is a difficult time for you, but when an addict tells you they want help..........that makes all the difference in the world. I know a few good rehab facilities, some that will even help with airfare to get them there, but the key is those special words........

She said she was afraid she was going to die and wanted to go to rehab.

I would check out Valley Hope Association, Salvation Army programs (both are non profit and may have limited beds). I don't know about TX facilities but I did google valleyhope and found some facilities in TX. Sounds like she is safe tonight, and I am proud of you for your reaction.

Best regards.

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