daughter called for help--anyone out there?

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Praying that your daughter finds her way and sending you big hugs.
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Just curious.....what is "cheese"?
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cheese came into texas in 2005. it is a lethal combination of Tylenol PM and heroin. They mix the 2 and snort it. It is cheap--$2-$5 a hit. According to the paper here and the police dept, they target low income middle schools. In dallas alone there have been 18 confirmed deaths. I'm sure there are many more, but these have been proven. The was a big write up a few weeks ago.
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i am happy your daughter called did the right thing.i hope she is on the way to recovery.i believe in the power of prayers & you both have mine.
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How is she doing?

How are you doing?
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trying to mend
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prayers are with you both. would love to be that far along with my own addict. i often pray that the Lord keep him safe until he finds his way back to Him. For today, he is lost. May this be your AD's last battle with addiction.
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