Is this enabling?

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as others have said you do what you can live with. i tried working my as to help him get money for food. but like ann said it seemed to turn into money for something else. he would also vanish with the slightest amount usually leaving me to hire someone else to finish what he started. i am at the point now that" i can't live "with assisting him with money or anything else. i figure any assistance whatsoever justs diverts that resource to drugs. it is so pitiful for a parent to have to feel this way when your natural nurting feeling would be to help in anyway.
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I bet your son owes you money from the past...why not ask him if he is willing to take food as payment and use his work time to pay off some of his debt to you? His answer should tell you if he is sincere. Just a thought...
My thoughts are with you! We all deserve peace!
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trying to mend
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amen to many replies you've already gotten, which also have given me something to think about with my own AS.

my heart aches for you. i know how hard it is. my prayers are with you and your family.
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Oh yes he owes me big bucks!!!!Fortunately he will be held accountable from now on for any thieving. Wish I had done it a long time ago. We own a farm and are putting it up for sale no time as we own a manufacturing company. farm is way too much work. Business is in trouble. chaos seem to travel, anyhow my spouse let him come by yesterday to open the pool and help get ready for an open house. He did more standing around then working. The whole time he was there I was on pins and needles. Found out the $20.00 I gave him for food he bought a six pack of beer. Im still very angry with him and just can not tolerate being around him. I am on the verge of bankruptcy and all he can do is complain where will he go. Sounds selfish on my part " oh well have to start thinking about myself"
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