Probably completely OT but I'd appreciate some opinions

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have a talk with her when there is not people around or not allot anyway. so you don't make a scean.go up to her and ask her if she would step out side and talk to you for a minute.

and tell her off.cuss that crazy _____ out. get it all off your chest and tell her to stay the ____ away from you and your fammily,or you will ____ her whole world up.

make your husband step up to his mom, he can't be letting this b*itch make his wife upset. there is a line in fammily that a grand parent cant cross, people need to learn this boundary, and people need to mind there own buisness.and some times a old woman can just be a evil crazy _____ that needs to get delt with.

is it posible that your husband tells his mom bad stuff about you when they talk, maybe he talks crap about you when he is upset with you, he could be talking to his mom about yalls relationship. she is the sort of crazy _____ that will take her babys side no matter what. and now hates you ,for in her F-ed head ruining her sons life?
this may or may not be the case i am just throwing it out there, cause stuff like that does happen, i have no idicators that ,that is what yall have going on . i am just saying. one thing is for sure,the woman is freaking nuts, I would break her @$$ down and make her cry and leave me allone.

make it clear to your man that he needs to get his mom in check or you are going to do way or another this mean old _____ is going to get delt with.

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Thank you for your reply. I don't feel it neccessary to cuss her out, or MAKE my husband step up to her. Honestly I just want her to know how I feel and respect my boundaries. To scream and cuss at her would only be damaging to ME, it would take a chunk out of the calmness that I've taken a long time to accquire. I'd much rather just calmly tell her that if she's going to hurt my family she can just stay away. Although at times, I must admit, the thought of cussing her out is oh so very appealing
I don't believe that she is the one my husband turns to when he's upset with me. We're fairly open with each other and when he's upset with me it is ME he tells. I know he's got his buddies that he sometimes goes to when he's upset with me- but even with them he doesn't talk crap about me.
I don't want to make her cry, or hurt her, I just want her to stop with her bullsh*t. My husband already knows how I feel and has told me that I can say whatever I'd like to her and he'll support me all the way. I do wish, in some ways, that he'd stand up for me. But when it comes to her I know that won't happen... she wouldn't listen to him anyways.
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Conerned - If there is a will and he owned the the home,whether the old bag was there it should not be her home. A living will, the deed to the house in his name alone. I am afraid that I have missed some of the details about how she owns this house. It could be true but the dad should have setup a will anyway. Just a thought. Hang in there.
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Sorry, I don't understand that either. She's remarried, right? And she STILL gets her ex-husbands house? How was that possible? (and what a deal SHE got!)

That home rightfully should belong to his surviving children, but what do I know.

As for you MIL, I've had a problem with mine, since the day I got married, (I wasn't good enough for her son....) after 38 years, she still doesn't like me! Her loss, I'm a good, funny, honest person, and her son loves me!)

Hugs, don't let the witch get to you....

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Noah, Diane,
I'm not sure exactly how this works out either. To be honest I've been a little lost through the whole thing. Apparently when Dad and MIL divorced the house was something that they never settled on so it was left in both their names. It's possible that a will would get rid of the whole problem... unfortunately we don't think there is one but a will search is being done. So technically right now the house belongs to MIL and Dad's GF.
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Dear ConcernedBigSis; I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. You have the right to morn your loss without this broads insanity. That being said - I can atest to not following my own advise. I am really trying not to give toxic people free rent in my head, heart and life. I pray you have some loving precious moments during these trying times. (((Hugs)))/ M

and yes, angels do exist -I hope that brings your husband, you and your family comfort.
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Ok....well that helps me as far as Texas law so you need to contact a property lawyer. My step dad (bless him) passed and him and my mom where on the mortage together. As it was he left no will (?) and his desires were left up to interpretation. After years later my mother joined with another man ( a great guy) and the house needed to be refinanced due to the percentage rate on the note. The title was in both my mother and his name SO where it gets a little tricky. HIs children, without a will, had property rites to 50% of the house and the other half was my mothers. Since he was no longer in this world his children had a say and interest in the home BUT only 50%. In my mothers case unless my mother sold the home or refinanced to clear the title there were no issues but since that was what they had to do they were in a pinch. So after negotionations with my step fathers children, they settled out of court to a monetary amount for them to get thier claim off the title. REMEMBER as long as they did not sale the home there was no claim in this case, only until they tried to sell or refinance was it an issue. What it boiled down to was my step fathers children had a claim on the house as much as if my mother would have died I would have and my siblings 50% and only if the home was sold. The bottom line is there are laws in place to protect people from thier lack of actions and the law will not take the home. As far as the girlfriend I would say if she is a nice lady, charge her a little rent and let her live in the house or it will be locked up in a relstate court for a while. Maybe the old bag will pass away and your left to deal with someone who is easier to deal with. If the G-F was/is a nice lady her man would want her taken care of, if she is crap, then throw her out she has no legal ties. So basically your father in law and his aires are legally tied to that title and the mother inlaw is too. I would very quickly talk to a lawyer to confirm the law and especially before the old HAG gets her own lawyer. I think that your ok depending what your intentions are but she wants the house and ultimatley she may have a claim regardless if it is right or wrong....she seems to be a hag...I hope this helps strong
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