Update on my XAH codeine addict

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Red face Update on my XAH codeine addict

Hello to all! Divorce was final on 7th. I asked XAH not to be present in court because I didn't want to be there myself. He abided by my wishes.

The next day he called me all thick tongued and asked me if I thought he should have read the Final Divorce papers more closely! I asked him why he was even questioning that? He started talking about his retirement plan, etc. I told him he didn't have anything I wanted. This disease is a catch 22!

I divorced him because he chose to relapse after rehab back in November. We have no kids together. I still love him. He doesn't get the idea that I don't want to communicate with him UNTIL he decides to get himself straight again.

He got a DWI back in December and caused a wreck. I still don't know the outcome of that. He recently rearended a lady last week! He is driving around wasted and will end up killing himself or someone else. He called me the other night to find out about my brother's wedding (they USED TO BE BEST FRIENDS) and he couldn't even talk straight. He asked me questions that I had already answered earlier in the week. Then I hear this LOUD HORN blowing. I said what was that. He said oh I had my light on in the truck. Then I said oh, the light makes that noise when you have it on? He said oh, I crossed the white line. I WAS JUST SITTING THERE IN TOTAL AMAZEMENT. Then I asked him about his work schedule and his birthday which was 2 days away. He didn't even know what week he was in, nor if he was working on his birthday (shift worker)! I finally got off the phone with him and prayed.

Fast forward to yesterday (his birthday). I got a card for him and texted him to say Happy Birthday. I told him I had something for him...he asked what? I said it was nothing major, and when he had the time (I think he has an enabler "girlfriend") and I wasn't going to get into what his plans were for that night.

He shows up at my house yesterday afternoon. He couldn't even focus and kept rubbing his eyes. I gave him the card and then he just stood around. I told him if he didn't have anything planned, that he could hang out here at home with me. I said I didn't want him to spend his birthday alone. He assured me he had plans. So after numerous attempts to "have his cake and eat it too," he thanked me for the card and left. I immediately called the police and told them he was driving under the influence of pills, and to pull him over. They told me they were tied up doing something else and to call the sheriff's dept. I called them and started to tell them the situation and she quickly said IS THIS AN EMERGENCY?? I said IT COULD BE IF HE INJURES HIMSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE!! She took the information and said she was check into it. Of course I never heard anymore.

People just don't understand how many people are driving around like that. When they get it, it'll be because they're scraping a body off the pavement, or out of a vehicle. Then it will be too late.

I'm from Texas. There's a Bill right now in the House (1879), waiting for approval to monitor Schedule II narcotics. This stems from Pain Management clinics and quack doctors springing up ALL OVER THE STATE and in Louisiana prescribing the cocktail of codeine based narcotics and muscle relaxers.
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sorry to hear about all of this, i'll keep you guys in my prayers
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