Ear Bleeding

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Ear Bleeding

My EX stopped by and fell asleep on a white pillow. Blood was pouring out of his eardrum 4 hours later when I woke him up. Is this a sign of something? I know he is still using crack. I shouldn't have let him in .......I don't want to know anymore
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i do not know what that is caused does not sound good. maybe he should go have it checked out.sending prayers for you both.
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Egad... If this was my H, I think I would urge him to go to the ER. You can't force him... but I would sure ask him to consider it. Blood pouring from the ear cannot be good....
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Sounds like he could have a ruptured eardrum....
I agree with BigSis E.R. visit....he needs to be seen by a Dr.
If that's his choice.....

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Positive hes not on any opiates? Either way nothing to play around with.
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Originally Posted by kj0975 View Post
Positive hes not on any opiates? Either way nothing to play around with.

He could very well be ...........the truth and my ex have never met!
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i think the er too, i'll keep you guys in my prayers
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Was the bloodstain solid or was there a "watered-down" circle around the solid blood (what is called a "halo" around the blood spot? A halo may indicate a leakage of cerebral fluid, a result of a possible head trauma. I was curious of why he fell asleep. Did he complain of any head pain? Have also heard of people having blood from ears as a result of heavy meth usage.

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Ear infections can cause rupture of the eardrum including drainage including bloody fluids, but mostly combined with pus (sorry to get gross on you). But honestly is blood is pouring out of his ears I would call 911, if you can't rouse him. That sounds spooky. Just my 2 cents.
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Blood pouring out of an ear is NOT good. He should get to an ER as soon as possible.
Take Care,
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