28 day programs

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I know that feeling too...I dreaded my son's release and for good reason.
I suspected (and found later I was right) he used the FIRST day out of a 28 day rehab.
But the amazing thing was he managed to retain what he learned, and eventually chose to be clean.
I'm not sure more time would've prevented the was something he had to learn on his own. But Damn it was hard on me.
I would have been much more sane, and much less gray had he transitioned to an Oxford house. It was his way, and not the best way, but he no longer uses...and that was the pot of gold I was hoping for.
He did it all himself.

Lobo...I put my son on a list (I'm close to PGH) and once he was accepted he was viewed as over 18 with no residence. It was paid for by Medicaid (as well as having the med insurance after release) It took about four weeks for a bed to open and he had to make the call and show up. I couldn't sift through the forms to save my own life, but they know what they're doing. It wasn't a pretty place, but it did something...sort of a shot in the arm reality of what his life had become (no pun intended)

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Parent: I put up the $500 co-pay the first time my as rehabbed. This time went he got dropped off (by his friend's dad) at a different rehab, they didn't require a co-pay, they just told him that he can pay it back over time. I wasn't there when he got dropped off and I didn't co-sign anything, thank God. AFter his 28 days is up I'm not sure where he'll go from here. Friends dad said he could go back there and he'll keep an eye on him for awhile. Think I am going to take him up on it.
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