My Speech on Crack

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My Speech on Crack

Even though I did not get any responses with help to my speech, I just wanted to let you all know that I did do a speech in front of my speech class about Crack, how it effects the user and how it effects those who love them. In the middle of the speech when I got the part of what my BF looked like 6 days after his relapse, I looked up and saw 2 girls in the back of class crying their eyes out. At that point, I had to compose myself and continue with the speech. Those girls had to leave the classroom and I had to listen to the next speech holding back tears. After class I found them outside and they asked me for a copy of the speech because they said that I hit everything right on. (Apparently their sister is a crack addict). They told me that my speech took a lot of courage and guts because to openly talk about what I talked about was hard... and it was. I ended up getting a 80 on that speech because I went over on time (I did not care through... I had a message to deliver) and because of not enough eye contact (how could I look up knowing that those girls were crying???.. lol.... Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know.

Also, this semester even though my BF relapsed in the middle of the semester, I still got striaght A's. Go Me!!! Go Me!!!!
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i am so proud of you with your stright a's. you go girl. getting the message across was more important than a grade?you are wonderful.....i bet that there were others there that you touched also. just stay sweet. hugs, hope
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Sounds like a wonderful speech, I hope you're proud of yourself. Many thanks to you for carrying the message, I hope my kids get to hear it someday.
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Congratulations on your A's, I know how hard it must be to focus with all you have going on!!! Great Job!!
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grateful rca
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i'm so proud of you too. congratulations on the grades and i'm praying that your bf finds his way soon
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That must have been so hard for you to do. Congratulations on doing it and on your great grades. Be proud of you. Hugs, Marle
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A speech works best when the topic is what we know and it reaches the audience in a personal way. You sound like a success. The rewards you get from real accomplishments will build and mean so much more than the temporary reward of a high. You are on a very fine path. Hold your head up and keep it up!!
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woo hoo!!!!!!!! that's the way to do it congrats
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I think you are doing GREAT. You go girl.
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Congratulations on the hard work at school.
You should be so proud of yourself on that essay.
Keep up the good work.
Your goin' places, gf.

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You Go! 'I AM WORTHY' in motion!
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Passion brings excellence. I don't know which direction you are headed with your education, but your passion around this subject might help you choose a path about which you can be... passionate.

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wow congraulations, I would be interested in reading your speech. if your willing to post it but if not I understand.. go you!!
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I never post but read daily this SR forum which I find very informative. I want to say I am very proud of you for your courage and strength to get up in front of a class and tell your story. Trying not to be nosey, but would love to read it if you would like to share. Again, you are one brave young girl.

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Good for you. Educating the public is always a good idea.

My AD, who is working a program and presently sober and clean today, did an informative speech on alcoholism/addiction in her speech class this semester. This is how she began:

"When you were a child, did you have dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up? I know I did. I always thought I'd be a doctor or a famous singer. Never did I think I would grow up to say, 'Hi, my name is _____ and I'm an alcoholic."

Never has this mama been so proud. I told her I bet her opening line got the class' attention, probably more so than the girl who did her speech on how to properly hit a softball... ... not that properly hitting a softball is not important, but ... well, you know what I mean.
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Thank you for doing this...I wish I had heard your speech 4 years ago. Being naive about drugs, maybe I would have recognized my exah and gone through a lot less pain. Again, you did good girl!
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THat is SUPER DUPER!!! Way to go!!
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Thank you alll soo much!!!!! It was a very hard semester, and now that its over, I have also come to realize that I hid a lot behind my schooling. Now that I have time to see and think, etc. I am seeing things in my guy that I did not see before... its not looking good for our relationship. Althoug I am not at the point of completely giving up right now, I see it in the near future. What a shame!!!
I will post my speech soon,,,, just dont have time right now.
Thanks again
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