Today is AD's 21st birthday

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Unhappy Today is AD's 21st birthday

No problems, just a little sad. Could use some hugs to help me get through the day. Thanks, Marle
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I'm no angel!
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The "Hug" patrol has arrived!

We are here for you,
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Nature Girl
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Special days like this can wear me out too, if I let it. The best thing for me is to make a commitment to myself to enjoy the day completely, regardless of how well the rest of the world handles it.

Hug Patrol? I love Dolly's name and I'm hopping on the Hug Bus and sending you several just for you.

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Peace Hope Love
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Marle, sending you a ton of (((((Hugs)))) and tons of prayers. /M
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Here is a big (((HUG))) and a prayer. i don't what to say except I hope you don't feel too sad and alone.
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Great big hug and a prayer for you and your daughter today.Gate
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let it grow!
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extra hugs and prayers to marle and her daughter. k
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Sending you a great big hug too.
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super BIG hug,
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Loads of hugs, all on their way to you right now.
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((((MARLE)))) Hugs and prayers coming your way.
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Marle, we love you. Have a special day for yourself. Imagine me hugging you so tight you cant breath!
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Just plainly tired
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((((Marle)))) sending many hugs your way!

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Hi Marle, Tons of hugs being sent to you!!!
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Jujubee Queen
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On a tear
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((((Marle)))) Prayers that this can be the year for her.

My kids both started pulling their heads outta ...well, you know... at about this age. One is clean, one is not.... but both are making "somewhat" better decisions. I hope the same can happen for your girl. You deserve the best, as does she.

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I know its a difficult day for you.
Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today...and so is your AD.


Remember how much you're loved around here, okay????
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Get Caught Reading
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Marle, my friend...
I love you and wanted to send you a big, extra squeeze.

Consider yourself hugged...

Love ya,
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