Worst mother's day EVER!

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Unhappy Worst mother's day EVER!

Hi everyone.
Yesterday started out a beautiful sunny day. Kids both wished me a happy mothers day. I got the chance to sand and repaint an old cabinet I was restoring, played out side with the kids and RAH came home early and in a great mood. He was getting ready to head up to our yard to get some more work done before our house arrives, I was outside cleaning the truck out before I headed to my parent's house for dinner with my parents and grandparents.... when the phone rang. RAH came out onto the deck just shaking, crying, just a total mess... he kept saying "no way, no way, no way" into the phone. Obviously not a good phone call. He came over to the truck after hanging up the phone and almost collapsed into my arms. The call was his brother... Their dad passed away yesterday afternoon. 47 years old.... we don't even know why yet, and probably won't for about 10 days... meaning we cannot have the funeral until then because the body cannot be released to the family until an autopsy is completed. Dad was diabetic, had been sick since Thursday night... throwing up, unable to sleep. Saturday we were supposed to have a weenie roast with him, but when RAH called the house Dad's girlfriend told him that they wouldn't be able to make it because Dad was so ill... said he felt like he was having a stroke. She said she was going to try and get him into the hospital.. but he more then likely would refuse to go. Sunday morning when she got up he was staggering around the kitchen, again she asked him if he was ok or wanted to go in to the hospital. He said no he was fine. When she(dad's girlfriend) got home from work... Dad was hunched over the bathtub...dead.
Could have been a number of things due to him being sick and his blood sugar being thrown out of whack. With the amount that he was throwing up his insulin wouldn't have been working properly so it's possible he went into diabetic shock... causing a heart attack.
We spent most of the evening with RAH's grandmother last night, the poor sweet woman is a mess. My hubby is completely lost... as is Dad's girlfriend and the rest of the family.
This man was one of the sweetest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing... I was very proud to be able to call him my father-in-law. I fell in love with the man the very first time RAH introduced me to him... and was so excited on our wedding day when he told me that he'd be more then happy if I called him "my other Dad"...just "dad" worked for me.
If you could please keep Grandma & Grandpa, my RAH and his bro & sis, as well as Dad's girlfriend in your prayers I'd very much appreciate it. I cannot imagine the pain that woman is going through right now.. coming home from work to find the man she loves gone.... and to top it all off having that man's Ex wife(RAH's b*tch of a mother) treat you like crap..... but that's another post for another day perhaps.

Thanks for being here to let me get that out.
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Oh man, that's terrible... I'm so sorry..... ((((CBS))))
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Oh hon... I am so sorry. You, your husband and the family are in my prayers. (((hugs)))
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I'm sorry too, what a sad time this is, and you and all who loved him are in my prayers.
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I am sorry that this has happened. I sometimes wonder why good people die so young but that is not for me to figure out. Sending prayers to all who loved him. Hugs, Marle
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Sending prayers & hugs.
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Hugs and prayers to you at this difficult time.
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Sending prayers to you and the family. I am so sorry. Wishing you and your family the strength to go through this.
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I'm sorry. I loved my father in law too, I miss him more than my own dad. I am saying a prayer for your family...marian
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grateful rca
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i'm sorry for your loss, keeping the family in my prayers, may he rest in peace
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i'm so sorry. blessings, k
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So sorry.....
Words just aren't enough....
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Sorry. Offering prayers and support.
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So sorry to hear this. My prayers are with you, your husband and his entire family.
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I am so sorry for your families loss. My prayers are with you all!!

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(((Big Sis)))
So sorry for your loss. Cherish your sweet memories......sounds like you must have a lot of good ones since you loved him so much.

Sympathy and blessings...........Lo
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Sovery sorry to you and you family. You all will be in my thoughts!

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I am so sorry you all have to go through this hard time. It's so sad.
I pray you and family get through this difficult time.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. prayers to you and your family
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