We'll tomorrow is my Birthday....

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We'll tomorrow is my Birthday....

Well, I did it. I ended my relationship with my boyfriend. It is honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just sat down the other night and realized that hes going to break my heart every single day hes addicted.. so why not just have one big break and try to start having a life again. THIS SUCKS, for me.. because I have alienated myself from all of my friends because of him. You know, everyone always says that they would never change for a guy/girl... but when you are in that situation you dont realize it until It's too late. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I hate to say but I'll be all alone. Maybe It's what I need? A break from everything..I feel terrible, because I really love him..I know I'm young but I know what love is. Im really worried about this decision, because my mom was in the same situation as me when she was my age.. and she left the guy she loved and has NEVER loved anyone else. She's 53 and alone... and I'm terrified the same thing is going to happen to me. I guess this week I'm going to be making about 100 phone calls and apologizing to all of my friends who I have pretty much abandoned, I just hope they were the friends they claimed to be... and will still be here for me.
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happy birthday, ashley. do something nice for you - sign up for a yoga class or some activity that you enjoy? that might be nice..blessings, k
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Make a call. A true friend will pickup like nothing every happened. Happy Birthday--the first of many truly Happy ones!
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I am in the same boat as you. Going through the same exact thing. This is also one of the most difficult things I have been through/am dealing with.
Have a great birthday- do something nice for yourself and believe you deserve more.
Yes we love them and yes it hurts but we have to believe that things will get better. I have a giant hole in my heart right now because he has been such a large part of my life for so long.
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Ashley, call your friends, go out & have a good time. my b-day was last week and it was the first one without AH in 10 years. it was lonely a little, but i went out with my best friend (one i blew off many times over the years cuz of him) and we had a great time. i know it sucks, but i promise it does get better. you deserve to be happy so enjoy your b-day.
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Ashley, Happy Birthday. Once you start getting healthy again, I am sure you won't be alone for long. Hugs, Marle
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grateful rca
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happy birthday, ashley, i used to think the same thing about the big break and then its over, don't for the life of me know where that thought disappeared to, i'm 53 too and still going through the same thing, thanks for reminding me. it really don't get any better, you look up one day and realize that you are 20 yrs older.

go ahead, enjoy yourself while you're young, you'll find someone else to love and who will love you back, you deserve all you the happiness that your little heart can take. have fun. real friends are always there.
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Happy Birthday!!!
Some of your friends will still be there waiting for you--you have nothing to apologise for-they get it.
As far as your mother--her issues may run deeper than you know re;relationships.
I think many of us can look back and say--I really loved that man why didn't I go for it.....about some man we loved when we were younger...stay strong...get to know yourself better before you commit to another relationship....
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I was in your situation when I was younger but unfortunately I took the other road...As teke said, it doesn't get better, you just get older, unahappier, and more jaded (well, at least I did).

Those people that were true friends will still be there. Mistakes are not the end of friendships...just bumps in the road. Treat yourself deserve it.
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Happy Birthday Ashley!! You aren't alone...we are here! Do something you like for yourself. Surprisingly enough, a lot of people have never done the following alone: gone to a movie, eat out at a resaturant (i usually take a book though), gone skating, gone to a show or museum. Try something new!! Have a good day!!
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I'm no angel!
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Happy Re-Birthday, the day to celebrate the rebirth of you.

Pick up that phone, make amends, I think you will be surprised at the support you will recieve.

Make your rebirth day a special one.
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Happy Birthday, Ashley! The best gift you gave to yourself was to claim your life back. It might be hard now,but you'll be proud of yourself later for being so strong and taking a stand. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!
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Peace Hope Love
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Happy Birthday Ashley!
remember - you are worthy!
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Thanks Everyone I'm feeling alot better - I went out today and got a new haircut and highlights soooo It's going to be a good birthday after all!

Oh, and I had a dream I met a really rich guy and he swept me off my feet. We got married and I never had to work a day in my life.. and I never thought about my ex again!! haha lets hope im a psyhic!
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Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

May today be a day to remember how special you are, and to know that we all are cheering you on and celebrating that wonderful person that is "you".

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