I did something bad...

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Coming on late here. He threatened you. Period. The interestate thru the mail thing is real too.

I agree with the others... NO contact.

I consider lying a form of abuse. It is a violation of trust and I don't care if they are lying about women, money, drugs or the ding on the side of the car! A LIE IS A LIE and lying, just like using drugs, tends to escalate.

Sorry you are going thru this.
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I did this once boy I wish I never read the e-mails the sinking feeling in my gut when I read what he wrote to someone else. Yet I couldnt stop myself from checking it. I would try to get him to tell me if he was with someone else and he wouldnt admit it. I KNEW he was I read his e-mail then that caused more anger more hurt. I finally screamed at him one night to change his password cause I knew he was lying. He was really upset why cause he got caught. Everytime I would go to read his e-mails I would start shacking and almost get a panic attack yet I would still do it. I dont know why. I was just as sick as he was. Worse.

Then a friend of mine said how would u like it if you had something very private and personal of yours invaded how would u feel. Well I would feel hurt and upset that my privacy was invaded. Hmm Light bulb moment after that moment I have never snooped again. No need to the truth will come out eventually. It always does.
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